Cutter Quilt Stocking

*Free Pattern~ Craft of the day: Cutter Quilt Stocking~

Today’s primitive Christmas craft: make a grungy cutter-quilt stocking~

Here is my free pattern for you today~ Click on the image. Right click upon that, select “open image in new tab.”  Expand fully, then save~

*This pattern is meant to use with a thin, worn out quilt*

 Tape together the pattern, and cut out. Press your quilt piece with an iron. Place the pattern of the quilt piece. Cut around roughly, leaving a space all around.

 Remove any loose backing.

 Press with an iron again.

 Roughly cut a piece of muslin the same size as your front quilt piece. This will be the backing.

Flip over muslin sock, so it will be the same direction and pin right sides together with quilt sock. Place pins all in the middle of the sock. (as pattern will cover pins, and you don’t want to accidentally sew on a metal pin)Don’t forget to fold down the top of the quilt and muslin piece, separately, one folded in the back, one folded in the front. This will be the opening of the sock.
Secure paper pattern to sock, using pins or rolls of tape. Sew all around pattern. Trim, leaving 1/4″ all around. Snip curves. Turn rso. Press.
Make a mixture of instant coffee: 4 tbsp coffee for 1 cup water, or if making many: 8 tbsp coffee for 2 cups water.
Squeeze out. You may place in the oven on lowest setting ~or~ lie flat to dry..

I left mine wrinkly, for an older look. Sew a loop of old twine in the corner.

You will love the long and skinny, prim-look of this sock.
Have a great day!


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