How to hide your terrace from neighbors without skimping on your style?

When the beautiful days are coming, the balcony and the terrace become essential to relax. However, you can not always enjoy it serenely, especially when it is exposed to the curious eyes of the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are effective and inexpensive solutions to protect you from the prying eyes of passers-by. Potted plants, privacy screens, fences, curtains, shade sails,canisse balcony… Without further ado, here is how to hide your terrace from neighbors without spoiling its exterior style.

How to hide your terrace from neighbors in 11 infallible screening solutions

Lunch, dinner, read a book or sunbathe, the terrace and the balcony are a good extension of the house, thanks to which you can rest in the fresh air while maintaining the cozy atmosphere of its interior. To enjoy evenings with friends, bask in the sun in peace, or quiet garden without incident on your property, it is necessary to hide it well. To do this, several arrangements are available to the owners of a terrace or balcony. Here are 11 to keep you out of sight of passers-by.

Choose climbing plants to hide your patio.

When you have a terrace (or a balcony) in town, it is almost impossible not to have a vis-à-vis. To block the view of neighbors and decorate the balcony without spending too much, nothing like a green wall full of charm. Greenery is an eco-friendly and ultra-efficient solution for preserving the exterior space from the annoying view. However, there is no question of choosing just any variety. Some potted plants are more aesthetic and easier to maintain than others. This is, for example, the case of the perennial climbing nasturtium and ivy. A climber par excellence, the latter must be invited to your small terrace. Rugged and weatherproof, You can easily guide it in the direction you want it to grow. Grown on a trellis, it offers effective protection against prying eyes but also against wind and sun. Its biggest advantage? Ivy is green all year round. It leads to a dark existence in a pot (or container) and tolerates heat well. Anyway, it’s elementary to grow.

Opt for a plant (or artificial) hedge

Choosing shrubs and screening plants is THE solution not to attract the neighborhood’s glances and protect you from the vis-à-vis plunging onto the terrace. Don’t you have a green thumb? No problem! There is another solution to hide your patio from neighbors. We are talking in particular about the artificial hedge. Easy to live with, it is very resistant to bad weather. It is less aesthetic than the natural version. It provides immediate concealment and gives a particular ecological appeal to space. The good trick? Opt for both types (natural and artificial) so that the synthetic hedge is less present. For good intensity, choose compact-sized greens (like juniper, cedar, and yew) and multiply the varieties of shrubs. The only downside with the natural hedge,

Install a fence

How to protect your terrace from neighbors otherwise? Palisade, fencing, shade sail, screening panel… the choice is vast. Aesthetic, practical, and inexpensive, these solutions are elementary to assemble. And in addition to protecting the outdoor space from prying eyes, they add an ultra-trendy decorative touch thanks to the wide range of materials used. To get complete privacy on your patio without spending too much, there’s nothing like the wooden palisade. With its height of 2 meters and its wide variety of species and shades available, it fits easily and naturally into the outdoor space. The only downside? It requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and retain its visual value. Painting, staining, and exterior treatment are therefore necessary. In that case, note that there are also two-material models, generally easier to maintain. Wood/plastic, wood/gabion, or slate/iron, the choice is yours. If you have a crush on the slate, opt for a model entirely designed in this material. Perfect for chalk drawings, it will give a playful look to your patio and delight your children.

Hide your terrace with canisse

On the terrace or the balcony, the canisse creates an exotic atmosphere while protecting the space from prying eyes. Easy to install, it is the ideal and cheapest solution to obscure and hide your property. Here, two possibilities are available to you: PVC canisses (called synthetic), prized for their blackout potential and their great robustness, and bamboo, wicker, and reed canvasses acclaimed for their good quality of shade they provide. Propose. To make the right choice, it is important to note that the height of this screening solution may vary. It is better to opt for a model that adapts well to your outdoor space. In terms of colors, you can choose between brown, beige, and green, depending on the look of your terrace. Generally, PVC reeds offer more choices in terms of colors and finishes. However, the price may vary (between 15 and 50 euros per roll) depending on the dimensions. Count 15 euros for a bamboo roll and around 40 euros for a wicker model.

How to hide your terrace from neighbors – install a fencing

To decorate a summer terrace as it should, comfort and conviviality are keywords, so no more plastic furniture hurts your back. Make way for a designer and ergonomic furniture. And solar protection and insulation of the neighborhood play a central role in our article of the day, a point on another aesthetic and effective screening solution. Available in various materials and styles, the claustra turns out to be perfect for dividing the outdoor space between a designer and practical way. If you dream of hiding your patio from neighbors while letting light and air pass through, this added wall is for you. How to choose it well? In general, two types are available to you: large PVC, wood, or aluminum screens and small self-assembly screens in brick, terracotta, or concrete. Choose one or the other depending on the desired results, the atmosphere you want to create on your patio. For a large panel, the price can vary between 10 and 600 euros. As for the elements to assemble yourself, count around 5-15 euros per element. Installation and installation material are not included in this price.

Build a gabion wall

Currently very popular, the gabion wall brilliantly replaces the classic garden wall in concrete or cinder block while avoiding the industrial look of this type of material. Stable and durable, it is a metal cage filled with pebbles, logs, and stones. Initially used for medium and large works, the gabion wall makes a sensational entry into the outdoor space. It is relatively easy to build and does not take a long time to complete. It fits easily into any garden, terrace, or balcony. However, it goes particularly well with wooden decks. An original eye-catcher, the gabion wall serves to define and protect your property without erasing its charm. It is the ideal windscreen and screen because the thick stone filling is completely opaque and will protect you from the prying eyes of neighbors (or passers-by) and the weather at the same time. In addition, thanks to its high sound absorption capacity, stone infill can also serve as sound insulation. What could be more original than a gabion anti-noise screen? In terms of price, count between 30-100 euros for an empty cage and around 150 and 1000 euros for a cage filled with stones and pebbles.

Think about exterior curtains

Currently, the trend is towards exterior curtains and curtains ! Chic and enchanting, they are more than just an accessory. They brilliantly replace blackout panels and green walls. Designed from different materials, they can create an oasis on each terrace. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, curtains are ideal for obscuring and protecting the terrace from curious glances. Infinitely customizable, they blend with all styles of decoration without overloading the outdoor space. To preserve their magical side, it is better to opt for waterproof and stain-resistant materials. Fixed on a wooden pergola, the curtains personalize the outside corner by giving it an elegant, original, and very trendy touch. The price side varies according to the fabric and the technical characteristics. For a basic model, count around 25 euros and up to 150 euros for a high-end curtain; if you have a pergola that you want to decorate more naturally, our selection of suitable plants. But first, go to the photo gallery to discover the rest of our screening ideas for the terrace and balcony.

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