Quick Primitive Craft / Gift idea Of The Day~ no sew!!!

Quick Primitive Craft / Gift idea Of The Day~ no sew!!!

Today’s primitive craft/gift idea of the day is so quick and easy to make!

You will need:
-an antique pewter cup, civil war style fabric (grunged if desired) or even antique fabric (if you have it), stuffing, twine.

You will need a large ball of stuffing. The fabric ball needs to be rock hard, and slightly larger than the circumference of the cup top. (To large and it will pop out). It needs to jam in..

Start working your stuffing into the center of a piece of fabric.
Keep working it for several minutes, until you have the hardest, smallest ball possible.

Gather in the center, using your strong hand muscles!

Twist a bit before tying with strong twine. This will make your pleats more even, and the ball even more perfectly round. Tie well, as far down as you can, knotting 2-3 times. Cut off the fabric tail, leaving enough of a tail (or, “pumpkin stem”) so that it is a bit higher than your cup.

Pat in. It should stay comfortably if it is the right size.

Adorn with an antique photo, morsel of stitchery, antique pins, buttons- whatever you like, and depending on the look you are going for!
My cup is quite heavy, which gives the piece a nice feel.
You could easily make up many of these in a hurry for a craft show~



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