25 fantastic diy projects by recycling crates

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Crates: lots of ideas to be inspired by!

Fruit crates really lend themselves to being recycled in a thousand ways. If you wander around the markets, you will find so many abandoned by fruit and vegetable sellers, but not only in the markets, even outside the supermarkets, it often happens to find piles stacked and ready to be thrown away. The wooden boxes really lend themselves to many reuses. Some are really amazing !!

After getting some fruit boxes, let’s clean them well, let them dry, and according to the project we decide to carry out, we will give them the right color, which can vary from simple flatting to a bright color or even better darken them with a wood-colored water-based paint. Excellent for making something “vintage” with a more lived-in look.

But let’s see together the many proposals found on the web, and it must be said that with this type of object, the creative minds have really indulged themselves …

1.With a single cassette, two magazine racks

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