Another Way to Dye a Sampler

Another Way to Dye a Sampler~ Old Grey!

~dark grey shown~
I LOVE the look of grey samplers. Well, I have found this terrific way to dye a primitive sampler or cross stitch the most perfect old-world grey, and what’s great, is that it is inexpensive, you can choose your shade (ultra light grey, medium grey, dark grey or black if you wish!! ) and it looks so wonderfully olde!!!
I used encre de chine( chinese ink or India ink.) This is the liquid stuff that Chinese calligraphers use.
Where to get it: I got mine at an art store, that sells all kinds of artists paints; water paints, oil paints, sketching materials, pastels, etc;….

~Before and after~
A little drop goes a long way. Put warm water in a saucepan, and put a few drops in. Stir well. Cut a tester piece of your fabric, dunk it in. Add more ink to achieve the desired shade.  Becareful, because it can get to dark grey quite quickly! Squeeze out well. Place wet fabric on a metal baking sheet, and blowdry.
Chinese ink is a black ink that has a tiny hue of brown in it, thus the resulting color is a beautiful primitive GREY! Yaye lol, something other than brown!!
This looks fantastic for samplers stitched in white~
You will love it!!
Use this to dye fabric for dolls, too!

What I am working on~
This weeks project: wool pinkeeps by Pineberry Lane!
Click the little picture above to get your pattern~ This is what I call a primitive classic!
A must have.

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