Butterfly Flitter-By Afghan

Size: Adjustable

9 OZ Worsted weight yarn
2 OZ worsted weight yarn-contrasting color
Crochet hook size “N” and “I”

WITH “N” hook. Ch multiple of 3 + 2

Row 1: Ch in second ch from hook, *ch 2, sk next 2 chs, sc. REP * across. Ch 2(3), TURN.

Row 2: *3 dc in ch 2 loop. REP * across. 1dc in last sc. Ch 1, turn.

Row 3: Sc in top of FIRST dc. ch 2, *sc in sp between next 3 dc group, ch 2. REP * across to last dc. Sc in top of ch 2(3). ch 2(3), turn

Rep row 2 and 3 for pattern ending on a row 2. DO NOT FASTEN OFF


1. Work 4 MORE dc in last sc on last row completed. Working down side of afghan, Place 3 dc in each end of DC rows. Sk sc row ends. Work in this manner until next corner. Work 5 dc in corner. Now working across bottom, *3 dc in each ch 2 loop. Rep * till next corner. Work 5 dc in corner. Working on other side, 3 dc in the end of each DC row. Sk sc rows. Work till next corner. Work 4 DC in this corner because ch 2(3) at the begining of last full row worked will count as 1 dc for corner. Fasten off.

2. Join CC. Continuing with “N” hook, Join with sc to any space in between 3dc groups. ch 2, *sc in between next 3dc group. ch 2. REP * around to 5dc for corner. Sc in between last 3 dc group before the 5 group. Ch 2. Sk 1 dc, sc in next dc. ch 3, sc in between next 3dc group. Continue *. Work all corners the same. Join to first sc.

3. Next row: Sl st in first ch loop ch 2(3), 2dc in same loop. 3dc in each loop till corner 2 loops. Work first corner loop the same (3dc in loop). In the second loop (3dc, ch 1, 3dc). Continue in 3dc in each ch loop. Work next 3 corners the same way. Join to ch 2(3)

4. Last row: Dc in each dc around. Place ch 2 at each corner for corner turn allowances and for the weaving of the “butterfly”.
Start chaining a chain with main color. Weave where you started the chain into the LAST ROW over and under 3 dc at a time(see photos). Keep chaining and weaving until chain goes all the way around the blanket, and comes back to were you started. Keep chaining until each end of chain can be evened out to about 14″ each.

FIRST, tie a regular knot. THEN tie in a bow that each loop is about 1 1/2″ long. Then bring one end under one of the loops, up to the TOP of the bow. Working over the KNOT in the middle of the previous bow, bring ends together, and TIE a bow. Weave extra chain in. AGAIN ALL THE LOOPS will be about 1 1/2″ long.

PLEASE let me know if you don’t understand how to tie the butterfly. I’ll clarify it or add some pictures. Thanks 🙂

These are some closeup shots of the blanket stitch pattern.

Download pattern from Here


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