Many concrete contractors recommend applying a mop-down wax or floor finish to your decorative concrete floor after you seal it. Why do you need both a sealer and a floor wax? The reason is simple. Applying several coats of wax over the sealer coat helps to protect the sealer from wear and preserve your floor. This sacrificial wax coating not only makes the floor look nice, it also protects the surface from scuffs, scratches and grit. Plus it’s easy to buff out scratches from a coat of floor finish and then reapply more if necessary. What Is Floor Wax? Most floor finishes are water-based acrylic polymers suitable for use under normal foot traffic. For commercial applications, higher-grade solvent-based floor waxes are available that offer extra resistance to scuffs and black heel marks. When properly maintained, they are also slip resistant. You can purchase most floor finish products from a janitorial supply house or from concrete stain manufacturers. However, be sure to check with your sealer manufacturer to verify that the floor wax is compatible for use over their product. Manufacturers of some sealers, such as chemical-resistant urethanes, do not recommend applying a wax or floor finish. How Do You Apply a Wax Finish? Most acrylic-based floor finishes are mop-down products that can be applied with a looped-end rayon mop or a micro-fiber mop. Avoid using cotton mops because they can leave streak marks and lint on the floor. Solvent-based floor waxes are usually applied with heavy-duty floor machines equipped with brush or buffing attachments. How Long Does Floor Wax Last? As a general rule, a wax finish will not scratch under normal daily use, but it is likely to wear over time. A higher-grade finish, such as a commercial grade of wax, may last longer. Most installers protect stained concrete floors with several coats of floor finish and as many as 6 to 10 coats in high-traffic areas. After these original applications of floor finish, the stained concrete surface should last indefinitely as long as it is maintained. The finish should not be allowed to wear down to the sealer because a sealer is not as easy as a floor finish to buff out or re-apply. Some related videos:


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Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coatin...

RustOleum 261845 EpoxyShield  Garage Floor Coating  2 gal Gray


  1. Durable, 2-part Epoxy formula works on interior concrete surfaces, such as garage floors, workshops, basements and more
  2. Professional looking finish is easy to clean and provides long lasting protection stains and other chemicals
  3. Walk on ready in 24 hours, vehicle and drive-on ready in 72 hours
  4. Super adhesion on surfaces and covers up to 500 sq ft
  5. Semi-Gloss finish provides a subtle shine on surfaces

Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating 100...

Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating 100% Solids High Gloss For Garage Floors Basements Concrete and Plywood 3 Gallon Kit


  1. VERY FLEXIBLE: 100% Solids, odorless, impact resistant, guaranteed against peeling, chipping and cracking. Cure time is 8-12 hours.
  2. NON-WATER BASED & NON-SOLVENT BASED: Commercial, Industrial, Residential applications installing Solid Color epoxy floors, Flake floors, Epoxy metallic Floors, Glitter Floors, Epoxy Mortars, Quartz floors and many more.....
  3. SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Plywood, Concrete. Bar Tops. Can pour up to any thickness, great for pouring over seashells, beach sand, star fish, pennies, records and much more. Easily pours over cured epoxy surface, maintains perfect clarity.
  4. GLOSS FINISH ULTRA PREMIUM: Our Epoxies are formulated using only the best modern chemistry available in the industry. Our curing agents are second to none.
  5. COLORED EPOXIES: Delivers the best in Chemical Resistance & UV Resistance benefits than any other available epoxy on the market.

Rust-Oleum 279847 EPOXYShield Anti Skid 3.4-Ounce...

RustOleum 279847  EPOXYShield Anti Skid 34Ounce


  1. Diamond hard finish
  2. Mix with one gallon of epoxy, latex or oil-based paints and stains
  3. Will not change the color, performance or properties of the coating when added
  4. Meets Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations for slip-resistant surfaces
  5. Recommended for concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass

KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating, 1 ...

KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating 1 gallon Slate Gray


  1. Over Armor offers an innovative solid color coating that brings old, weathered wood or concrete back to life with an advanced and durable 100% acrylic resin formula.
  2. This solid color, textured coating bridges cracks, hides imperfections, and gives a uniform look to old, weathered wood and concrete.
  3. Use on weathered or cracked horizontal or vertical wood and composite surfaces such as decks, porches and boat docks, or railings as well as concrete surfaces like pool decks, patios and sidewalks.
  4. Over Armor is designed to conceal splinters and cracks up to 1/4-inch and creates a textured slip-resistant finish.
  5. This is a 1-gallon can of KILZ Over Armor Textured Surface Coating in Redwood. Covers approximately 75 square feet per gallon.
  6. Not for drivable surfaces such as garage floors or driveways. All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry and free of any dirt, oil, and grease before application.
  7. Two (2) coats are required for optimal durability. Brush, roll, or spray on. Wait 4-6 hours before recoating and 72 hours for full cure.
  8. KILZ has been making premium primers and paints for 40 years. KILZ was named Paint Brand of the Year in 2015 in the Harris Poll EquiTrend  Rankings.

Rust-Oleum 203373 Professional Floor Coating Kit, ...

RustOleum 203373 Professional Floor Coating Kit Silver Gray 1 Pack


  1. High solids solvents based epoxy coating ideal for garage floors, basements, workshops, etc
  2. Provides superior resistance to chemicals, wear and even standing water
  3. Covers up to 200 sq feet per gallon and is ready for heavy foot traffic in 1 day, vehicle ready in 4 days
  4. Ultimate adhesion and durability, withstands heavy foot and vehicle traffic
  5. Semi-gloss finish, solid base color and decorative chips can be added

KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterio...

KILZ L377711 1Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint Satin Slate Gray 1Gallon 1 Gallon 4 l


  1. A good concrete floor paint is highly durable, easy to clean and won't scuff, fade, crack or blister easily, even from hot tires and other heavy activity.
  2. This single component, water-based floor paint is formulated to last in hard to clean areas like basements and garages. It's resistant to staining and damage from chemicals, Oil and gasoline.
  3. Use this high-durability floor paint on coated or uncoated concrete, masonry, stone and brick. This paint is ideal on high-traffic surfaces such as garage floors, basements, driveways and porches.
  4. KILZ concrete floor paint delivers a Satin finish that applies smoothly and evenly to floors and horizontal surfaces. Dries to touch in 2 hours. Recoat in 4 hours. Not intended for vertical surfaces.
  5. This is a 1-Gallon can of KILZ 1-part epoxy Acrylic interior/exterior concrete and garage floor paint in Slate Gray with a Satin finish.
  6. Ideal for use on new and uncoated concrete or masonry surfaces or painted, stained or sealed concrete.
  7. 1 Gallon of KILZ Concrete & Garage Floor Paint covers 400-500 square feet on smooth surfaces and 300-400 square feet on rough surfaces.
  8. KILZ has been making premium primers and paints for 40 years. KILZ was named Paint Brand of the Year in 2015 in the Harris Poll EquiTrend  Rankings.

Rust-Oleum 286894 RockSolid Metallic Garage Floor ...

RustOleum 286894 RockSolid Metallic Garage Floor Kit Copper Pot


  1. Durable, polycuramine concrete coating works on interior concrete surfaces including garage floors, workshops, basements, family rooms and more
  2. Self-leveling, buildable formula is 20X stronger than epoxy, comes in a unique eco-friendly burst pouch and is virtually VOC and odor free
  3. Complete projects quickly; coating is walk on ready in 8-10 hours and vehicle ready within 24 hours
  4. Each kit covers up to 125 sq. Ft. Depending upon surface porosity. Clean up with mineral spirits
  5. Extreme high-gloss finish in a shimmery metallic Color resists cracking, peeling, chemical spills, hot tire pick up and provides a showroom quality floor in 1-coat that lasts

Rust-Oleum 251965 Garage Floor Kit, Gray...

RustOleum 251965 Garage Floor Kit Gray


  1. The product is GRY Garage FLR Kit
  2. Resists Chemicals & Hot Tire Pick Up
  3. The product is manufactured in United States
  4. Recommended for indoor use only
  5. Cleans up easily with soap and water
  6. No hot tire pick up
  7. Low odor for user comfort and safety
  8. Provides showroom-quality appearance

Rust-Oleum 203007 Epoxy Shield Basement Floor Kit ...

RustOleum 203007 Epoxy Shield Basement Floor Kit 1 Pack Gray


  1. Recommended for indoor use only
  2. Provides a hard, durable surface that resists wear, stains, and abrasions
  3. Cleans up with soap and water
  4. Low odor for user comfort during application
  5. This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

SUPERCOAT Epoxy Floor Coating...

SUPERCOAT Epoxy Floor Coating


  1. Breathable two-part waterborne epoxy coating; Decorative flakes; Anti-slip aggregate; Cleaner/Degreaser included
  2. Professional grade floor covering; Easy to install, No acid etching or mechanical prep necessary in most cases; Clean with degreaser included, mix and apply with roller; Scatter flakes in wet epoxy
  3. Epoxy coating breathes allowing moisture vapors to pass through eliminating blistering and peeling; Resistant to automotive fluids, hot tire lift; Good adhesion to concrete and wood

Floor Squeegee by Ravmag- Uber Durable Silicone Bl...

Floor Squeegee by Ravmag Uber Durable Silicone Blade Adjustable Knuckle Joint Perfect for Wood Tile Marble Concrete amp Glass  58inch Long Handle  Lightweight Design 17 Inch


  1. - ADJUSTABLE KNUCKLE JOINT: You'll have all the flexibility you need to squeegee floor and window surfaces that are hard to reach.
  2. - REMARKABLE QUALITY: RavMag uses single cast natural silicone, unlike the flimsy rubber strips on regular squeegees that easily fall off, creating industrial floor squeegee durability.
  3. - FAST DRYING ACTION: All other floor squeegees are no match for our 17- inch wide angle blade that quickly dries without spotting.
  4. - MULTI-SURFACE DESIGN: Our floor scrubber squeegee is perfect whether you're looking for a wood, tile, marble, glass, concrete or garage floor squeegee.
  5. - ABSOLUTE COMFORT: You'll love the lightweight build complemented by a 58-inch long floor squeegee handle that eliminates painful bending. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

Rust-Oleum 306320 Rocksolid Marble Floor Coating K...

RustOleum 306320 Rocksolid Marble Floor Coating Kit Gray/Black


  1. Durable, polycuramine concrete coating works on interior concrete surfaces including garage floors, workshops, basements, family rooms and more
  2. Self-leveling, buildable formula is 20X stronger than epoxy, comes in a unique burst pouch and is virtually VOC and odor free
  3. Complete projects quickly; coating is walk on ready in 8-10 hours and vehicle ready within 24 hours
  4. Each kit covers up to 250 sq. ft. depending upon surface porosity; clean up with mineral spirits
  5. Extreme high-gloss finish offers a pearlescent shine that resists cracking, peeling, chemical spills, hot tire pick up and provides a showroom quality floor in 1-coat that lasts

RUST-OLEUM 225359 Epoxy Shield Gallon Gray Base Si...

RUSTOLEUM 225359 Epoxy Shield Gallon Gray Base Single Part 1Gallon Armor Concrete Floor Paint


  1. The product is Gallon GRY Conc FLR Kit
  2. Elegant design and Smooth finish
  3. The product is manufactured in United States
  4. Epoxy Shield Gallon Gray Base Single Part 1 Gallon Armor Concrete Floor Paint
  5. Features advanced acrylic technology
  6. Has both interior and exterior durability
  7. Easy soap and water clean up
  8. Hot tire and chemical resistant

ULTRA HIGH GLOSS 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax - 1 G...

ULTRA HIGH GLOSS 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax  1 Gallon More Durable Less Coats Less Labor


  1. HIGH GLOSS COATING: 33% high solid acrylic floor wax & sealer. Quick drying, diamond-like shine
  2. SAVE TIME: Requires half the coats then traditional floor products. Quick and easy application
  3. ULTRA DURABLE: Floor finish for long lasting shine with patented polymer technology
  4. PROTECT AND SEAL: Scuff & Scratch resistant floor finish, for wonderful looking floors
  5. LABOR SAVING floor finish. USE ON: Terrazzo, Vinyl Tile, Rubber, Concrete, Linoleum, Sealed Wood etc

TANGCISON 4 Packs Door Stopper with Free Bonus Hol...

TANGCISON 4 Packs Door Stopper with Free Bonus Holders 1#039#039 High Decorative Rubber Door Stop Wedge Fits Carpet Wood Tile Laminate Concrete Floor for House Bedroom Office Doors


  1. DURABLE DOOR STOPPER:TANGCISON Door Stoppers are made of superior quality TPR rubber which is strong enough to handle any surfaces, from cement to linoleum. Every rubber door stopper is tested to the latest standards to be non-toxic and odorless, safe to use.
  2. EFFECTIVE ON ALL FLOOR MATERIALS:Securely keep any door open with the Rubber Door Stopper,just insert the wedge door stop tightly into the gap between door bottom and floor,it produces superior wedging on carpet, wood,tile, laminate, concrete floor for House Bedroom Office Doors.
  3. IDEAL SIZE: 1'' high door stoppers to fix your different hight door perfectly. Additionally, you can double stack them to use on doors with higher thresholds. Product measure L 4.8" x W 1.6'' x H 1"for your choice.
  4. EASY STORAGE: Every door stopper comes with a convenient bonus holders,accessible at any time you need,never worry about losing the stoppers. Simply peel the backing from the carrier and apply directly to the door being propped open.
  5. LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If you are unsatisfied with TANGCISON door stoppers for any reason, feel free to contact us,we will glad to refund you. Welcome to click" Add to Cart" now!

Rust-Oleum 306325 Rock-Solid Pearlescent Garage Fl...

RustOleum 306325 RockSolid Pearlescent Garage Floor Coating Kit Pearl Black


  1. Durable, concrete coating works on interior concrete surfaces including garage floors, workshops, basements, family rooms and more
  2. Self-leveling, buildable formula is 20X stronger than epoxy, comes in a unique burst pouch and is virtually VOC and odor free
  3. Complete projects quickly; coating is walk on ready in 8-10 hours and vehicle ready within 24 hours
  4. Each kit covers up to 250 sq. ft. depending upon surface porosity; clean up with mineral spirits
  5. Extreme high-gloss finish offers a pearlescent shine that resists cracking, peeling, chemical spills, hot tire pick up and provides a showroom quality floor in 1-coat that lasts

SUPERCOAT DecoEffects Epoxy/Polyurethane Floor Coa...

SUPERCOAT DecoEffects Epoxy/Polyurethane Floor Coating


  1. Decorative floor kit containing epoxy coating, flakes with reflective particles, urethane glaze coat and nonslip additive
  2. Professional grade floor system; Everything needed for 400-500 square foot area; Unique multicolor chips with holographic reflective particles that are scattered into wet epoxy coating
  3. Low odor; Low VOC; Water base; Decorative; Eight color combinations; Excellent adhesion to concrete

CrackWeld DIY Concrete Floor Repair Kit (4-Pack) -...

CrackWeld DIY Concrete Floor Repair Kit 4Pack  Repair Concrete Cracks in Basements Driveways Garages Patios amp Pool Decks


  1. Permanently repair cracks in concrete floors and slabs (hairline up to 1/2 inch wide)
  2. No need to route the cracks prior to application
  3. Fills the full depth of the crack and cures as a rigid compound that is stronger than concrete
  4. Complete kit includes all materials needed - you only need a standard caulking gun

Zep Wet-Look Floor Polish 128 ounces ECZUWLFF1282 ...

Zep WetLook Floor Polish 128 ounces ECZUWLFF1282 Pack of 2


  1. Glossy finishing coat polish
  2. Scuff and Slip resistant
  3. Use on Vinyl (VCT), sealed concrete, rubber and no-wax tile floors
  4. For heavy maintenance plans, frequent buffing/burnishing
  5. Not for use on: Wood, marble, granite, natural stone, painted or stained concrete, and glazed ceramic tile

HERCULES Double Sided Carpet Tape, Heavy Duty Grip...

HERCULES Double Sided Carpet Tape Heavy Duty Grip Anti Slip Design for Rugs Carpets Mats Strongest Hold for Hard Wood Floors Tile Concrete Stair Treads All Flooring 30 Yards Long 2quot Wide


  1. 💪 VOTED THE STRONGEST CARPET TAPE ON THE MARKET! Our long-lasting tape is recommended by professional carpet installers to create the strongest and most secure hold for your rugs and mats onto any surfaces. Use on hardwood, concrete, marble, carpet, tile, stone, stair treads, and laminate. Plus, our powerful tape comes off easily without any residue when you need to clean your floors!
  2. 💪 KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE FROM TRIPPING: Our extra strong Hercules Double-Sided Carpet Tape is a must-have for your home to keep you and your children safe from slipping, tripping, or sliding on rugs. Never worry about your rugs curling, sliding, or rolling up again! Our high-end carpet tape will keep your rugs in place and 100 percent secure- even when dogs and kids run and play on them!
  3. 💪 EASY-TO-INSTALL IN 20 SECONDS... Our Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape is perfect to install on both smooth and rough surfaces throughout your home to keep your carpets and rugs in place without slipping. 1) Simply Clean the floor surface area where you want to stick your tape. 2) Next, place a strip of our premium Hercules Carpet Tape onto your desired rug, mat, or carpet. 3) Lastly, peel off the paper liner on the backside of the tape and smooth down your rug onto the floor to completel
  4. 💪 REMOVES EASILY FOR CLEANING- Rest your mind at ease when it comes to removing our Hercules Tape from your floor. Next time you are ready to do a deep Spring Cleaning to your home, you can easily remove our double-sided carpet tape from your beautiful floors without harming them or leaving any sticky residue behind! Plus, our tape is reusable so you can stick your rugs and mats back onto your floor after cleaning!
  5. 💪 ENJOY OUR LIFETIME "HEAVY-DUTY HOLD" GUARANTEE! Taking care of our amazing customers is our #1 priority! We guarantee you'll love the powerful hold of our Hercules Double-Sided Carpet Tape, or your money back. You can feel confident clicking the yellow "Add to Cart" button today, knowing you are getting the best carpet tape on the market! Enjoy 35 yards of our Hercules Carpet Tape for all your household needs!

YCUTE Commercial Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee with 22...

YCUTE Commercial Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee with 22quot Rubber Blade 529quot Stainless Steel Long Handle Best for Moving Fluid Flat Concrete Tile Glass Marble and Wood Surfaces


  1. Sturdy and Durable: Rubber well-made blade, resist daily scratches, corrosions and tarnishing. Please attention, due to rubber material, so it will not dry the water quickly. It's normal if leaks some water while pushing.
  2. Resist Rust: Crafted rugged galvanized steel construction on the squeegee head to resist rust, extending the floor squeegee lifetime, saving your much money on cleaning stuff.
  3. Good Grips Long Handle: 0.98 inches width of stainless steel handle, let toughest cleaning works in much less time and effort.
  4. Screw Reinforced in Place Correctly: Tighten up three screws into blade, one screw connect with the rod. Vital accessories extend lifespan of floor squeegee, meanwhile, eliminate your concerns about broking down after several days.
  5. Wide Application: This industrial quality rubber squeegee is applied in large-scare places effectively, especially moves great amount of water or other fluids. You can use it for factory, warehouse, garage, deck, driveway, or sidewalk.

Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber and Polisher - B200...

Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber and Polisher  B200752  for All Residential Floor Types


  1. POLISH & PROTECT- This Gloss Boss miniature floor cleaner offers high-quality results on a variety of surfaces including tile, wood, stone, marble, and concrete. It's perfect for in-home cleaning and polishing.
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing only 7 lbs, this cleaner has heavy-duty wheels which make maneuvering it a breeze. Its small size makes it easy to transport and store.
  3. TWIN SCRUBBING BRUSHES - The counter rotating brushes turn at 470 RPM to blast through any leftover debris on surfaces; first machine of its class to use microfiber deep-cleaning technology.
  4. PERFECT FOR HOME USE - No special sprays or liquids are needed; simply spray your surface cleaner and let the Gloss Boss do the rest. Features an easy-to-use foot activated power release.
  5. MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - This product comes with a total of 6 pads; carpet bonnets for wide area carpet cleaning, microfiber pads for hard floors, and felt pads for wood floors. Some assembly is required.

Diamond Brite Paint 31150 5-Gallon Oil Base All Pu...

Diamond Brite Paint 31150 5Gallon Oil Base All Purpose Enamel Paint   Battleship Grey


  1. Can be used on interior or exterior surfaces
  2. Excellent for use on wood, concrete, plaster, masonry, hardboard and metal
  3. Provides a tough, durable surface
  4. Resists scuffs, fading, cracking and peeling
  5. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed

Nature's Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner Dual Acti...

Nature#039s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner Dual Action Stain and Odor Remover 128 Ounces  P96943


  1. Penetrates crevices to remove new and deep-set stains and odors from all hard floor types
  2. Bio-enzymatic formula cleans Sealed Wood, linoleum, vinyl, concrete and Ceramic tile
  3. Deep cleans while protecting floor finish
  4. Safe for pets and home when used as directed

Black Diamond Stoneworks Limestone and Travertine ...

Black Diamond Stoneworks Limestone and Travertine Floor Cleaner: Natural Stone Marble Slate Polished Concrete honed or tumbled surfaces Concentrated Ph Neutral Quart


  1. REGULAR USE WILL ENHANCE your stone's natural beauty, making colors more vivid.
  2. WORKS GREAT ON POLISHED CONCRETE. Honed, tumbled and all porous surfaces!
  3. PH NEUTRAL, BIODEGRADABLE will clean & protect your stone surfaces.
  4. ONLY 4 OZ PER GALLON of water-Designed, tested and used by stone care professionals.
  5. NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS- Safe for use around pets, children and the environment. fresh scent.

Rust-Oleum 251283 Concrete Saver 5500 System Acryl...

RustOleum 251283 Concrete Saver 5500 System Acrylic Dust Proofer Floor Sealer 5Gallon Clear


  1. Seals bare concrete or provides a protective top coat; makes maintenance easy; low-gloss finish
  2. Paint and go, no measuring or mixing; minimal surface prep
  3. Excellent coverage over new and previously coated surfaces; for interior/exterior use
  4. Dries fast, accepts foot traffic in 12 hours; easy application; Low odor, soap-and-water clean-up, VOC-compliant nationwide
  5. Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact; accepted for use in federally registered Canadian food facilities

Flo-Kem 0018 Heavy Duty Concrete Floor Cleaner, 1 ...

FloKem 0018 Heavy Duty Concrete Floor Cleaner 1 gal


  1. For use with floor cleaning machines or a mop
  2. Effectively penetrates into the concrete to lift out the grease and oil
  3. Use in manufacturing plants, warehouses, parking structures and other facilities
  4. Product is green and has mild scent
  5. EPA Approved

1-Gal. L3000 Concentrated Water-Based Lithium Sili...

1Gal L3000 Concentrated WaterBased Lithium Silicate Densifier Hardener and Sealer for Concrete amp Masonry


  1. Increases strength of concrete up to 45%. Reduces penetration of water, moisture, Radon.
  2. Won't change look or color of the concrete. Applied with a sprayer.
  3. Penetrates up to 2". Creates Caclium Silicate Hydrate within the pores.
  4. Can be used alone or prior to polishing concrete floors. Superior resistance to chemicals.
  5. Concentrated. Dilutes with 1 gallon of warm water to cover up to 400-600 FT2 in two coats.

Concrete DNA Resin Satellite Pads | Double Sided D...

Concrete DNA Resin Satellite Pads | Double Sided Diamond Floor Polishing Pads | 20quot 30 Grit


  1. Diamond Resin Dots for superior refinement of concretre
  2. Billions of diamonds to clean and shine flooring
  3. Reduces overall floor maintenance cost
  4. Double sided; one side diamond encrusted with diamond resin dots
  5. can be used on; floor buffers, propane burnishers, autoscrubbers

Rust-Oleum 301242 Clean & Etch...

RustOleum 301242 Clean amp Etch


  1. Prepares unsealed concrete floor surfaces like garage floors, basements, driveways, carports, patios, walkway and pool decks for concrete coatings and stain
  2. Formula free of odors, dangerous chemicals and does not need neutralizing after application
  3. One gallon covers up to 500 sq. Ft
  4. Additional cleaning properties ensure Oil and grease spots are removed prior to coating
  5. Environment friendly, safe to use near plants and grass

Rubber-Cal "Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring Mat...

RubberCal quotElephant Bark Rubber Flooring Mats  3/16inch x 4ft Wide Runner Mats  Available in 6 Colors and 18 Lengths  US Made


  1. Offers exceptional UV and water resistance, making them great outdoor floors for a balconies or a patio
  2. An ideal exercise floor that provides impact protection and vibration reduction for home and commercial gyms
  3. Rubber flooring mats with ultra easy DIY installation without the need for messy adhesive or expensive installers
  4. Green floor option that is available in 6 unique colors to conform to the aesthetics of any application; a great eco-friendly flooring option!
  5. Versatile recycled material ideal for garage mats, deck floor, cellar floor covering, flooring or concrete basement floors, flooring for a home gym, and even as dog kennel mats

Sheiner's Floor Cleaner Concentrate, All Purp...

Sheiner#039s Floor Cleaner Concentrate All Purpose Household Cleaning Solution and Multi Surface Mopping Liquid Lavender Scent 1 Gallon Makes up to 128 Gallons


  1. DEEP CLEANING ALL PURPOSE floor cleaner for tile, linoleum, marmoleum, stained concrete floors, and all types of surfaces
  2. NEUTRAL pH FORMULA for the most multi-purpose, versatile, gentle, and best floor mopping solution on the market
  3. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOR EXTRA VALUE 1 gallon bottle makes up to 128 gallons of cleaning solution
  4. REFRESHING YET GENTLE SCENT long lasting light lavender scent with no nasty chemical smells
  5. MADE IN THE USA and tested according to the highest quality and safety standards in the world

Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete (Quart, White)...

Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete Quart White


  1. The Premier Garage Floor Paint and Concrete Paint
  2. Apply Directly to Concrete Without Acid Etching
  3. Scratch, Chip, Chemical and UV Resistant
  4. Requires No Primer, Basecoat, or Topcoat
  5. Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Surfaces

Floor Squeegee, MEIBEI Silicone Blade Long Handle ...

Floor Squeegee MEIBEI Silicone Blade Long Handle Squeegee46quot Perfect for Shower/Marble/Tile/Garage/Wood Floors Swivel Head Easily Get in Corners amp Tight Spaces


  1. 【Attractive and Durable】The silicone blade help avoid scratching, remove water stains or debris from rough surfaces. Blade retain their shape for long-lasting cleaning performance.
  2. 【Multi-Purpose】The silicone squeegee effectively dries both plain and curved surfaces. You could apply it to dry concrete or tiled garage, restaurant, hall, bathroom floors, patios, decks, around swimming pools and kitchens.
  3. 【Efficiently Drying Action】Soft silicone blade makes a pretty tight seal with the ground and dries a huge area with every pull or push, allowing you to finish the work much faster, saving you the hassle of additional drying using towels or mops.
  4. 【Save Your Back and Knees】46" adjustable long handle suit for different tasks. Threaded handle to assemble as your demand and not easy to loosen. No ladder need when you cleaning window or high area.
  5. 【Best Customer Service】 Coming with 1 year (Replacement or reimbursement) warranty. We offer 100% guarantee customer satisfaction. No matter what happen, please contact the seller directly.

2019 Floor Path Mould Decor Stepping DIY Stone Mol...

2019 Floor Path Mould Decor Stepping DIY Stone Mold Pavement Sidewalk Path Floor Tiles Concrete Garden


  1. Durable Materia- It is a reusable plastic mold for creating patterned walks, path, patios, sturdy and durable. Ideal for making concrete stepping stones for gardens, streets, balconies and villas landscaping use. Size: 33cm*33cm*3.6cm
  2. Professional strong plastic - you can use it minimum 1600 times - guaranteed by manufacturer.
  3. To clean the concrete garden molds for re-use purpose, spray this concrete mold garden with garden hose. Garden stone molds can be used again right after you pour the first garden stepping stone so you do not have to wait.
  4. The thick level of concrete can be varying depends on your requirement of garden stepping stones. A watter mix of concrete for concrete golden molds is used to get garden stepping stones with ground / lower level, and a stiffer mix of concrete is used to get garden stepping stones with higher / stone level.
  5. Concrete golden molds work well in all situations and create a very well garden stepping stones.This pavement mold maker is, 1kg weight, with shape of irregular style. Suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas and more.

PS104 Lithium Silicate Densifying WB Penetrating S...

PS104 Lithium Silicate Densifying WB Penetrating Sealer w/Siliconate Repellent 5 gal


  1. Zero VOC, Water Based Concrete Floor Densifier & Hardener w/ Siliconate Repellent.
  2. Densifies & Hardens, Repels Water & Moisture.
  3. Limits Stains & Molds, Protects Against Wear.
  4. Resists Salts & Deicing Chemicals, Decreases Efflorescence & Dusting.
  5. Increases Surface Strength, Enhances Abrasion Resistance.