DIY Christmas: Pompom Christmas ball

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s never too early to decorate the house as it should be. Let’s start with this tutorial how to create beautiful pompom balls that you can hang on the tree, on the window or simply put on a table.


Material :

Linen, wool or jute fabric scraps Heavy
-duty sewing thread, such as buttonhole floss
Thick paper for the pattern

1. Cut out a pattern in the shape of a circle about 7 cm in diameter from the paper. Apply it to the paper and trace the circle around it, then cut out the circle. You need 16 circles for the ball.

Weihnachtskugel und Kranz_1

2. Fold the circle in half then in four (Do not make a fold).


3. Double the thread, knot the end, insert the needle about 1.5 – 2 mm from the tip and secure with two stitches. Now connect 7 circles together with the yarn. Do not stare.


4. Pull the thread tight and sew securely to an eighth circle. Cut the thread.


5. Sew the second half of the ball in the same way.

6. Then sew the two halves together with a few stitches and tie the end of the yarn like a hook.

Weihnachtskugel und Kranz_6 2


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