DIY Easter Egg Garland

I love to decorate the house a little for the holidays but I hate
a. to spend a lot of money doing it and
b. to use up precious storage space to store said decorations until the following year.
So the cheaper, more disposable and/or recycle-able the better.

This DIY could not get any easier.  The only thing I bought were the ten packages of Dollar Store plastic Easter eggs.  All the other supplies I had around the house – some ribbon of varying widths, scissors and a needle and thread.  I used baker’s twin but any sturdy thread will do.

For my garland, I used two different sized eggs.

You probably never noticed this as a child (I certainly didn’t) but all standard (read: cheap) Easter eggs have holes in the top and bottom, making them perfect for threading!

Start by cutting 6″ lengths of 3/4″ ribbon and thread them through your egg.  You’ll have to do some maneuvering to get  it thru the hole.  A toothpick can help.

Once you’ve got it through, tie a knot to secure.

Repeat this process two more times.  Cut a long length of your thread (4-5′ to start) and tie one end onto the knotted end of your ribbon.

Thread the other end onto your needle and feed it through the top of your egg.  Close up your egg and start adding on more eggs.

Keep going until you’ve created a garland length you’re happy with.

Finish off the end of your garland the same way you started – by fishing 3 lengths of ribbon through the hole in the last egg, knotting it off and tying your thread around it.

I ended up creating two garlands – 1 garland made of 42 large eggs (7 packages) and 1 garland of 42 small eggs (3 packages.)  I swagged them around my front door and sort of twisted them together at the corners and center.

Once I had the garland up, I finished it with a hot pink bow at the center.   Everything looks better with a hot pink bow on it, right?

Cute right?  I love the way the little ribbon tails flutter in the breeze at the front door.


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