DIY faux leather phone case

I made that!

No, seriously, I did!

I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  I was inspired by these envelope phone cases by SwellMayde!

You see, I used to have a heavy duty phone case that clipped onto my phone, until that is, I upgraded to a large battery (phones should at least last until bedtime!) and now it doesn’t fit!  I can’t bring myself to just throw my phone in my purse without a case, so I’ve been carrying it around in my back pocket, resulting in near destruction on several occasions.

When I saw this, along with her envelope clutch and wrap clutch,  I got inspired, mixed them all together and created a phone case that I LOVE!

I lined the inside with my FAVORITE new fabric, which was not part of the tutorials. It was easy, I just pinned it to the outer faux leather fabric and sewed it along with it.

To close, just tuck the pointed end down inside the case.

As far as the wrap cord is concerned, it’s all for show 🙂  I sewed one end of the leather strap under the button, wrapped it around a few times, and made a loop on the other end to secure to the button.  Again, all for decoration’s sake.

Now I can just toss it in my Kelly Moore Bag (I love them and always want to give them as much promotion as possible!) and go! Check out Kelly’s blog, she’s almost always got a giveaway going for her amazing bags!

To make this yourself, first of all, go to SwellMayde and check out her tutorial and get her pattern!

Here’s what I did differently:

1. I used faux leather as my outer fabric and added an inner fabric to give it a little something extra.
2. I hand sewed this project (I think she used a sewing machine, and I don’t have one of those yet).
3. I added a button and leather strap which was inspired from her ethnic wrap clutch.
4. I chose a contrasting color thread to add style and matched it and the strap with the inner fabric.

What you’ll need:

1. Faux leather fabric
2. Liner fabric with a fun print (cut a tad smaller than the outer fabric)
3. Needle and thread of a contrasting color
4. Button
5. Faux leather cord
6. E600 Glue (or something equally strong.)
7. Printed pattern!!!  Get it here.
8. Scissors

Now that I’ve finished, I want to make a bigger version! I’m thinking for my bible and journal to be wrapped up together for when I go on mission trips.


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