fabric box tutorial

 Are you ready to rock fabric world? fabric boxes are so fun to make and it is easy once you get the idea. I am trying my best to describe and show you how to make the boxes step by step. here we go… 

material: batting canvas cotton fabric heavy-weight interfacing (optional) sewing machine needle thread outer
fabric box:
canvas fabric: 8×8 ————5 pieces
batting: 8×8————5 pieces
heavyweight interfacing:7.5×7.5 ————– 5 pieces
inner fabric box: cotton fabric: ————-5 pieces
binding: 2.5″ wide fabric pocket:
cotton fabric: 8×4 —————–1piece
batting:8×4 ————–1 piece
lining:8×4 —————1 piece 

 this is the layout of the fabric box 

 have fun with your fabric box, please. you can embroidery the box sew rickrack on the box piece fabric on the box 

 after the finish, the design sews your 8×8 canvas FRONT, BACK, BASE, LEFT, RIGHT pieces to the 8×8 batting pieces. that help hold the pieces together optional: heavy-weight interfacing. if you also use heavyweight interfacing in the box. the layers are going to be very thin, but make sure sandwich the heavyweight interfacing between canvas and batting. 

 start with your pocket piece first sandwich your 8×4 batting between 8×4 cotton fabric and 8×4 lining fabric. cotton fabric-batting-lining. then roughly sew the top of three pieces together before sewing the binding. 

 then hand sews the binding… 

 sew your pocket piece to your FRONT piece. only on the left and right sides. use 1/4 ” or less seam allowance. 

 now, sew the FRONT piece to the BASE piece. at this point, you would have 6 layers together. you want to slow down your sewing machine speed. don’t get rush !!! remember use 1/2″ seam allowance. 


 apply the same method to the BACK piece as well. Leaving 1/4″ gap will help to get LEFT and RIGHT side in position. 

 sew your BACK piece to the base. 

 can you see the 1/4″ gap that was left? 

 now it is time to attach the RIGHT piece. 

 now it comes the tricky part. I hope I can explain this well. Let the RIGHT piece face down on the BASE piece. pin the corner to corner. then pin the other two corners to the side of Front and BACK piece. don’t leave 1/4″ seam allowance because you are going to sew the sides together now. 

 now, 4 pieces are sewn. Apply the LEFT piece from last method. 

 here is the look of the box. 

 flip your fabric box now,but MAKE SURE that all the sides are well sewn! 

 make your lining fabric box. 

 this is lining box, don’t flip it! 

 place the lining fabric box in the outer fabric box. pin the corners together first then the sides. 

 sew roughly around the edges of the two boxes. 

 time for binding.. use 2.5″ strip of fabric. measure the length after you made the box. 

 before finish sewing binding. what i have always done is taken two ends of the binding piece mark points on the match point then sew together. 

 you are almost done!! 

 hand sewn your binding! 

 then load up your fabric stashes.. 

 for tools…. 

 how about for your halloween candy.. 

 stella wrote BOO-BOO and again i did the embroidery. ( this fabric box was made without heavy-weight interfacing) 

 gift for the library wow… it’s a long post! hope you make your fabric boxes VERY soon..

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