Finished scarf!

Well, I did it. I finished my infinity scarf. Oh, the feeling of accomplishment! I found the pattern on ravelry here. It is actually called the Golden Gate Eternity scarf and I have mistakenly been calling it the infinity scarf. oops.

After I finally finished it (uhm, I started this little thing in February or so) I made my husband take pictures of me in the scarf. I don’t know much about photography, but I do know that wearable knitting/crochet projects always look better in use rather than laying flat.

All that soft, grey, cable-y goodness.

And what is an awkward back yard photo shoot without some embarrassing outtakes? just keeping it real.

1. I’m a little teapot. 2. Cute face. 3. What am I doing?

All I know is that if I was on America’s Next Top Model (you know the season where she had the short girls?) I would win the whole thing. Not everyone can pull of the teapot pose in front of a wooden fence.


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