Flapper Style Dress from Curtains


  1. Slip Liner (thrift store find $1 to $3)
  2. sheer organza curtains (recycled find new)

I love this dress! You can easily wear sandals for a low key look or dress it up with heels and leather jacket for evening…Go for a darling flapper look by adding flats, pearls, and a beaded cardigan.

I used a set of sheer curtains (recycling). You can easily get sheer organza from the fabric store or use any fabric you like (sheer fabrics have a natural flow to them that creates a natural wave without gathering). If you don’t want to finish the edges, it will have that raw look! You can find amazing slips at thrift stores for $2.00 or so.

To do this you want to create even strips so cut the curtains into even sections (6 inches for mine).

I also have a serger, which keeps the edges from fraying and creates the pretty curled edging. Also helps create a natural wave of ruffles.

A tip to make even lines on the slip: I like to iron mine on by folding it up the correct amount of inches.
Pin layers right sides together on the ironed marks: SEW every layer.


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