Half-Hour Booties

Half-Hour Booties

Worsted weight yarn (MC/CC)
“N” crochet hook
“H” crochet hook

Gauge: 3 vertical bars = 1″, Sole measures 3″-3 1/2″

With MC and “N”, Make sl st 5″ from end of yarn(used for sewing the back seam). Ch 11

Body of bootie:
Work 7 rows of afghan stitch.

Ch 1, *insert hook into next two vertical bars, YO, pull through 3 loops on hook. Rep * across. Ch 1, turn.

Pull up a loop in each st across. YO and pull through all loops on hook. PULL TIGHT to close toe. Ch 1, Fasten off and leave a long 10″ tail.

Sew up back seam with beg yarn.

Sew up top of foot, leaving about a 1 1/4″ for ankle(about 5 rows).

Ankle Ribbing:

Row 1: With CC and “H” hook, Dc around ankle, putting 14-16 dc around. Join, ch 3. Do not turn!

Row 2: *FPDC around next dc, BPDC around next dc. Rep * around, join, fasten off

Embellishment (optional):

With CC and “H” hook, ch 5, sl st in first ch to form a ring.

*Ch 8, sl st into ring. Rep * 4 times, fasten off, leave tail-sew to top of bootie.


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