How to grow Aloe vera plants at your home

Aloe vera is an exotic and attractive herb. Not only it is proven to be the best medicinal and cosmetic herb, but it is also a good decoration for your home space. It is recommended for two reasons:

Aloe vera can be used to treat and heal children and adults as home medicine without side effects which makes it completely safe and natural.

How to grow Aloe vera plants at your home

If you want to grow this amazing plant at home, note that it can be propagated by:

  1. Seeds
  2. Stem and leaf cuttings, and
  3. By division of tubers. 

Also remember these tricks:

– Use only propagation methods that won’t harm  the plant.

– Never do it while the succulent is blooming.

– Use light soil mix with a low content of brick chips and charcoal for cultivation. It is also recommended to add peat to the soil because it has a negative impact of the root system.

– Don’t overwater it in the summer time. Better leave it outside for a night to get some dew from the air.

– When winter comes (below +10 degrees) keep it inside. It can be kept in a cool room at the temperature of 12-14 degrees °C.

– You can also nourish the plant with special dressings for the succulents and cactuses. Once in a while you should saturate the soil with minerals and fertilizers that contain nitrogen.

– Keep in mind to be careful when transplanting pups, since the young plants should be transplanted once a year and the ones which are 3 years old – once in every 3 years. The ones older than 5 years are the ones called old. At the same time 5 year old plants are the most valuable ones with a plenty of health benefits.

Once you know how to take care of the plant, you should also learn how to plant and prune it

  • Do not water it before planting. The soil should be dry.
  • After you take out the plant from the pot, clean the roots of the old substrate by a light tapping.
  • If you find damaged roots, you should remove them without damaging the healthy tissues.
  • You should be sprinkle sliced parts with powdered sulfur or charcoal.
  • You should do the Pruning process with sharp scissors.
  • When you have planted the grower, it is important not to water it for 5-6 days.
  • Put the pot in the shade. If you have done everything correctly, the plant will quickly take root.

How to plant an Aloe vera plant using seeds only:

– They are sown at 21°C immediately after ripening.
– It is better to do it in February or March.
– Use bowls with soil containing the following components: sheet, light turf soil and sand.
– Add some broken bricks and charcoal to the soil.
– When the little Aloe vera plants get 2 leaves, you can safely plant them in decorative pots.

Health benefits of the Aloe vera plant

We have all heard that Aloe vera has and have always had so many healthy benefits. It is full of antioxidants – which are the most natural enhancers to combat free radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals are bad for your health because they contribute to the premature aging process because of their instability. If you drink fresh Aloe vera juices and smoothies every day you give your body a regular dose of antioxidants and that makes your immune system much stronger.

Aloe vera is also the most common cosmetic products. With its natural herbs it disinfects the broken tired and dry skin, at the same time hydrating it, nourishing it and accelerating regeneration of new skin tissue. If you have never used it, it’s time to try and apply natural Aloe vera gel on your skin and see the results of a moisturized and glowing skin yourself!

People use Aloe vera to treat sunburned skin, blisters, insect bites, allergic reactions, minor burns, inflammations and many more! If you have a sensitive skin, don’t worry because Aloe vera can help you without any problem.

When it comes to the juice, Aloe vera helps to naturally detox the digestive system. In the food you intake every day, there are a lot of artificial food substances that can cause fatigue, exhaustion, but by drinking Aloe vera juice all of that can be eliminated. Aloe vera juice can help you regain your energy and maintain healthy weight.

Aloe vera can also help in the health of your mouth, since it has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which are essential for your mouth health. If you suffer from a gum disease, massage your gums with fresh Aloe vera gel. For better and healthier looking teeth, sprinkle a little Aloe vera powder on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for a few minutes. This will freshen up your mouth and make it very clean. You will experience strong and healthy teeth.

Aloe Vera juice contains natural fiber that help in digestion of food. It can be used to treat constipation with its natural laxative. If you are constipated, drink two ounces of Aloe vera juice regularly. Have in mind that after drinking Aloe, the organism takes 10 hours to het bowel movement.

The Aloe vera can be used topically to ease local inflammation of joints and to reduce arthritis pain. Or you can drink the Aloe vera juice to reduce inflammation anywhere in your body. People who drink Aloe vera juice for 2 weeks typically begin to experience a significant reduction of inflammation and pain.

The Aloe vera is also considered an excellent home remedy for mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

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