How to make jeans tighter in 4 easy steps

Shopping for jeans is extremely frustrating. Finding a pair that perfectly accommodates your hips, waist, and leg length are next to impossible. And a thousand trips to a fitting room that has no locks (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, ROBINSON’S MALL, FUENTE!) don’t help the quest to find the ideal pair.

Because I’m short, I always have my jeans shortened at the mall. Yes, I could buy smaller, (hence, shorter) jeans, but my butt, hips, and waist have an aversion to size 24 jeans. Often, I end up buying a pair that’s perfect on the waist but baggy everywhere else. This is the case for the last three pairs I bought.

So I did some research on making jeans tighter. It seems that a hot wash and long drying time combo works perfectly. I have no access to a drier or washing machine. I turned to Lorelai for help.

1. Fit your jeans. Estimate how many inches tighter the legs should be.

2. Turn jeans inside out. Sew the inseam, starting from one leg. If you need to make your jeans an inch tighter, sew the inseam a half-inch from the edge.

3. Sew all the way to the crotch and turn to finish the other inner leg. You may choose to stop at the crotch to see if your new pant leg is tight enough. Or too tight.

4. Fit your new jeans!

Obligatory before and after pics:

NOTE: When you lay down your new jeans, you will notice some bunching in the crotch area. Do not worry, this will not affect the overall appearance of your jeans. In fact, I think they help lift your butt when you finally wear them jeans.


Here is what you do with the waist area:


Make sure that you don’t sew the pockets.

Always use needle fit for thick fabrics.


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