Minnie Mouse birthday party

My niece, Ireland Claire, turned 1 this weekend and we hosted a pink Minnie Mouse birthday party. It was a lot of fun and Ireland had a blast! (So did her mommy, Kim and myself. We had a blast decorating. And Maggie helped too!) It was REALLY hot….we had triple digit weather, but everyone managed to enjoy themselves. The snow cone machine came in handy!

Kim made this Minnie poster collage to show every month of Ireland’s first year.

We had pictures in picture frames. The LOVE and PRINCESS wood cutouts were $1 at Michael’s.

The Cake Table displayed Ireland’s photos with Minnie ears on, one with her mommy and the goodie bags for the little ones.

Ireland’s birthday gift from Caden. Mickey’s Playhouse Tent!

Prizes for the games were guarded by Minnie Mouse.

My famous terracotta pot centerpieces. These Minnie Mouse heads were made with styrofoam balls that were staked together and spray painted black. I got the wood/felt crowns and dowels at Michael’s. Kim and Maggie did a great job putting the Minnie heads together!

Take out boxes contained pretzels and our beautiful Minnie heads.

We had bubbles for the little ones in this basket. The Mickey Head confetti was made on a Cricut.

The gift table….BEFORE all the gifts covered it completely. 🙂

The party spot!

The Mickey & Friends bounce house.

The Birthday banner….

The cake, courtesy of Grandma Rose. She’s so talented!

Minnie Rice Krispy Treats……made by my sister in law Kim and her friend Emily. Maggie should get credit too….she babysat, right Mags?!

The birthday girl’s cake throne!

Maggie was the snow cone lady. This thing was a BRILLIANT idea! It was over 100 degrees that day!

Pin-the-bow-on-Minnie! Kim’s sister and mom made it! Creative ladies!


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