Organizing Children’s School Papers

Finally, clear up my desk and get some kind of system into place.

Here’s what I did:
-Waded through boxes and piles of colored pages, stories, tracings of hands + feet, and the cutest little stick people drawings you’ve ever seen. I sorted out our favorites from the collection.
-Once I had our favorites picked out I organized them by child + age/grade level.
-I purchased file boxes + folders from Office Max and organized each child’s memorabilia into their own file box.
I loved Jen’s idea of making a cover sheet for each year’s folder. I decided to design a label for each year that could be printed off easily and filled in with each child’s information. Along with the label, I attached that years school photo to the front of the folder using self adhesive picture corners. When the files are slipped into the clear file boxes it’s easy to see who the box belongs to. Plus, each file box is stored in an easily accessible place making it handy to add to the collection when those special treasures come home from school.

The labels I made go from Preschool through 12th grade and were designed to be printed onto Avery 3 1/3×4″ Shipping Labels. If you would like to use them to organize your children’s school papers and memorabilia you can download + print them here. Happy organizing!

School Paper Organization Labels download.


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