Scotch Stitch and Scotch Variations

Scotch Stitch is an easy-to-work stitch that has a wide variety of variations. This stitch can be used to add pretty textured fills to any shape in your needlepoint project. Many of the stitches can be worked in one, two or more colors, and have a very graphic look to them when worked in more than one color.

These are generally chunky stitches, so make sure the area you wish to fill is large enough to accommodate any of these stitches or variations.

Basic Scotch Stitch

Scotch Checker Variation

Scotch Diamond

Framed Scotch Stitch

Dimpled Scotch Stitch

Dimpled Scotch Variation

Woven Scotch

Scotch Crossed

Checkered Scotch

Reverse Alternating Scotch

Alternating Scotch

Scotch Diamond Variation

Diagonal Scotch

In addition to these three basics stitches, there are also variations of the tent stitch.


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