Summer baby cardigan

This cardigan is knit in bee stitch, which makes it really light and just right for a summer day. We made it with elbow length sleeves, which gives the cardigan a feminine touch. For the boys you might want to knit them longer.

Materials: 150 g super soft Pima cotton. Circular needles US 3 and 6.

Size 80/86

Cast on 71 stitches on US 4 needles.

Row 1 and 2: K
Row 3: Make button hole: K 2, YO, K2tog. K to end of row
Row 4: K
Row 5: K 4, *K1 below, K 1* until 3 stitches is left on the needle. K 3.
Row 6: K
Row 7: K 5, *K1 below, K 1* until 4 stitches is left on the needle. K 4.
Row 8: K

Repeat last 4 rows until your piece measures 7,5 inches. Remember to make buttonholes every 14th row or so. On the next row beginning from the right side M1 in the middle of the front band on each side.

First front piece: Start from the wrong side.
Row 1:K 18, Cast on 1 stitch. Turn.

Row 2: K 1, continue in bie stitch until 5 stitches is left on the needle. K2, M1, K3. (= 20 stitches on the needle)
Row 3: K
Row 4: Knit bie stitch until 6 stitches is left on the needle. K3, M1, K3. (=21 stitches on the needle)
Row 5: K

Knit until the piece measures 12 inches. (Arm opening measures 4,5 inches) Cast off, but leave the 7 front band stitches on a needle.

Back piece: Start from the wrong side. Cast on 1 stitch in each end = 39 stitches on the needle. The two new stitches is always knit stitches, the rest is bie stitch as usual. Continue until the back piece is same lenght as the front piece.

Second front piece: Knit as the first, but opposite.

Assemble the shoulders.

Pick up 34 stitches around the arm. Knit 12 rows (2 inches) On the next row decrease: K1, K2tog. K until 3 stitches is left on the needles. K2tog, K1.

Knit until the arm measures 2,7 inches, then decrease in the same way again. Switch to needle size 3 when the arm measures 3,5 inches, and decrease like this: *K2, K2tog* until 2 stitches is left on the needle. K2. Knit 6 rows and cast off. Assemble the arms.

Front bands:
Cast on 1 stitch on the side of each front band (make one at the time) facing your piece and continue in garter until the front bands meet in the back of the neck. Sew them together with kitchener stitch.

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Summer baby cardigan



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