Tent Stitch Variations

Tent stitch is a common stitch used in nearly any type of needlepoint. These stitches are produced when a single stitch is worked diagonally over a single intersection of the canvas.

In addition to the three basic types – BasketweaveHalf Cross and Continental which are discussed in detail on the Basic Tent Stitch page, there are also several variations. Many of these these can be worked in more than one color.

The most popular tent stitch variations are…

Skipped Basketweave Stitch


This stitch is worked similarly to basic basketweave, but skipping a diagonal row in between each directional pass.

Alternating Basketweave Stitch

Alternating Basketweave Tent Stitch Variation

Work this stitch in the same manner as the skipped basketweave stitch, with a change of color to fill in each skipped row. All stitches face the same direction.

Reverse Alternating Tent Stitch

Reverse Alternating Basketweave Tent Stitch Variation
Work as you would the skip basketweave, skipping every other row of canvas. Fill in the skipped rows using a different color of thread, working the stitch in the opposite direction.


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