Air Fryer Salmon

Air Fryer Salmon - Simply Home Cooked - 19 air fryer recipes healthy vegetables ideas

The first thing you want to do is take your salmon out of the packaging and I used two six ounce fillets here or you could use smaller or bigger ones it’s totally up to you.
Pat them dry using a paper towel this will ensure that the spices get adhered very well
now move it to this side and then carefully transfer the fillets onto your work surface and I just place them on a cutting board
next you’ll need to grate one garlic clove and I use this zester also known as a grater it does a really good job of grating garlic to a really really fine texture and I’ll make sure to link to it down in

the notes so you’ll need one garlic clove for both salmon fillets just tap it out and let it sit there while you add a drizzle of olive oil over both fillets just over the top

now divide the garlic in half and spread it onto the salmon fillets

you can use a little spatula like I did or you can use your clean hands whatever works best for you just make sure to rub it in as evenly as possible for optimal flavor

now for the spice rub I love to use this Rub With Love salmon rub it is extremely

delicious it’s locally made here in

Seattle Washington so if you don’t have

access to it I can link down to it below

or you can actually make it yourself

here’s how to make it

in a small bowl add a quarter teaspoon of salt

a quarter teaspoon of black pepper

a quarter teaspoon of dried thyme leaves

and then you’ll need one teaspoon of smoked paprika

and one teaspoon of golden brown sugar

now mix everything together and your spice rub is complete

this spice rub is so delicious you might just want a double or even triple the recipe that way you can just keep it in a glass jar in a cool dry place
so you have freshly made salmon rub whenever you want
alright now generously thin both of your salmon fillets with the spice rub it

doesn’t matter if you use the store-bought one or the homemade one

just be generous because that stuff is so so good once the salmon is coated in the spice rub you want to kind of rub it in with your hands a little more that way adheres to the fish even better

for this recipe I’m using an oven air fryer so I lined the bottom of my pan with some foil just to make cleanup easier later but if you’re using a basket air fryer you do not want to put foil on there because it’ll cover up those holes and prevent proper circulation

now preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and then bake the salmon for about 10 minutes

if your salmon fillets are on the thicker side give it a few more minutes in the airfryer just to make sure that they’re fully cooked through

now serve this delicious flaky salmon with a side of mashed potatoes or some roast roasted veggies and dinner is complete


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