How To Beat Acne Naturally

Before we learn how to cure Acne, we have got to learn what it is.

Acne is a group of skin rashes that have different causes. It is an inflammatory skin disease that affects the skin’s oil glands.

Acne is the most common skin disease. Nearly 17 million people in the United States have it. Most pimples are found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne is not a serious health threat but, it can cause scars.
There are many types of pimples such as:

Whiteheads (stay under the surface of the skin), Blackheads (rise to the skin’s surface and look black), Papules (small pink bumps), Pustules (red with pus on top), Nodules (large, painful, deep in the skin), Cysts (deep, painful, can cause scars).

The treatment for acne is designed with the purpose of preventing the formation with new injuries and helping to heal the old injuries.

Now that we know what acne is, I’m sure you all want to hear how to treat acne.
So that’s how it works- Everyone has the suited solution for him/her, what you need to do is try these natural treatments and see what works the best for you.

Here are some of the solutions I’m talking about:

  1. Apply cooked oatmeal on the face for about fifteen minutes, then wash it off.
  2. Rub the infected area with garlic cloves a few times a day.
  3. Wash your face with avocado paste mixed with water.
  4. soak a cotton ball in apple cider or lemon juice and apply on your face.
  5. Clean your face each morning with a cotton ball soaked with vinegar. It’s going to sting a little.
  6. Grind bay leaves and blanch in water, Cool and put it on the infected area.
  7. Squeeze cucumbers and apply the juice on the acne with cotton wool pads.
  8. Apply some toothpaste on the infected area, Do NOT apply that on the skin because it will make your skin dry, only apply it on the acne spots.

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How To Beat Acne Naturally



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