a sweet secret….

pssst….come a little closer, i have something to tell you….i am putting on my mittens & heading to kentucky….i am going to be giving a presentation at the WOW event in lexington kentucky, on january 8th (for wedding professionals) & on january 9th (for brides) & i am hoping you’ll come too…

this event is produced by KENTUCKY BRIDE MAGAZINE….and i am particularly excited to share with you the cover i just photographed for them…i am so smitten with southern hospitality, so i just had to return to kentucky to celebrate & share with other people who love weddings…if you like these

photos you are gonna love this magazine….
& if you are in the mood for a little southern
hospitality, meet me in kentucky at
the WOW event…

You can try find out more about
a sweet secret….



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