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new motherhood is its own special brand of sweetness….wrought with many twists & turns….sleepless nights…bleary eyed feedings…the constant urge to check & see if your little one is breathing….and yet somehow within the uncertainty & unpredictable struggles of day to day life with an infant…


it is one of the sweetest times in a mother’s life….it’s as if you heart opens a new chamber of love….


for every mother the journey is different & yet somehow the same….we all have a unique birth story & the special private moments of cradling a newborn….but at the core of it its the same….pure love….


“My heart is yours.
My spirit sings with love.
For you. My child.
You’ve grown yourself,
inside me.
Foot under my rib.
One became two.
At last you are here.
Sleeping on my chest.
Clutching my tangled hair in your hand.
Your dark eyes calm as a lake.
Your breathing making me safe.
You who gave birth to this mother.
A life. My child.
We gave birth to each other.
I kiss your face.
A million times a day.
I sit still and listen.
To the whisper of your wisdom.
To life, right now.
This is love, my love.
My son.”



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