10 Easy Hairstyles For School

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Wavy Perfection

Credit: @hairandbeautybyjen

The wavy perfection hairstyle is a beautiful, effortless look that is perfect for any occasion. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to achieve this hairstyle:


  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Brush out any tangles or knots in your hair.
  2. Apply a heat protectant spray to your hair to prevent damage from heat styling tools.
  3. Use a curling iron or wand to curl your hair in sections. To achieve a more natural look, alternate the direction of the curls, curling some sections towards your face and some sections away from your face.
  4. Once you have curled all of your hair, use your fingers to gently tousle your hair and break up the curls.
  5. Apply a small amount of hair oil or serum to your hair to add shine and reduce frizz.
  6. Optional: If you have bangs, use a straightener to straighten them out.
  7. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to keep the style in place.

That’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can achieve the wavy perfection hairstyle. This hairstyle can be customized by using different sizes of curling irons or wands, or by adding hair accessories like pins or headbands.

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