Genius DIY makeup hacks will change your life.

Turn Your Eyeliner Pencil into Gel with a Lighter

Eyeliner pencils aren’t the smoothest applicators. Heat your pencil with a lighter for a second to boost its consistency. Be sure to give it time to cool before applying!

Draw Hashtags for the Perfect Smokey Eye

Achieve the perfect smokey eye with a hashtag. Draw one on your outer lid and use a brush to smudge it out.

DIY an All-Day Lip Stain with Kool-Aid

Dampen your fingers and apply Kool-Aid to bare lips for an all-day lip stain. Use q-tip to go over any light spots. Leave on for a minimum of 3 minutes to get the full effect. It will be a bit drying, so add some chapstick or lip gloss on top!

Use a Bobby Pin to Flawlessly Shape Your Eyeliner Wing

16 Genius DIY Makeup Hacks That'll Change Your Makeup Game

For most of us, achieving the perfect eyeliner wing is nearly impossible. Get even wings every time with the help of a bobby pin. Use a liquid liner to wet the side of a pin and line it up for this essential makeup hack!

Make Eyeshadow Pop with a Base of White Eyeliner


A super easy hack to intensify eyeshadow pigment is to draw a base with white eyeliner. Then, dab on eyeshadow for long-lasting, high-pigment lids.

Contour with… Blush!

Who said you can’t contour with good ol’ blush? Highlight your facial structure in three places with a light pink, peach shade. It’ll bring out your natural blush as well.

Instantly Mattify Any Lipstick with Translucent Powder

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Don’t go out and buy a matte finish! This simple hack will mattify any of your favorite lip colors. Place a piece of tissue paper over your lips and press translucent powder over the tissue to mattify.

Contour Your Lips to Achieve a Fuller Look

Contour your lips for a full pout without pricey lip injections with two contrasting shades.

Keep Brows in Place with Hair Spray

For no-budge brows, spray a spoolie (mascara brush) with hairspray and sweep across filled-in brows. Don’t go overboard with the hairspray. You don’t want rock hard brows!

Give Your Lashes a Heat Treatment to Keep Them Curled

If your eyelashes aren’t holding their curl, heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer. Just be sure to allow the curler to cool slightly to prevent burns!

Use Contact Solution to Instantly Liquify Dried and Cakey Mascara

While you shouldn’t really keep mascara longer than 3 months, most of us still like to save every last bit of our favorite product. If your mascara is getting dry and clumpy, add 2-3 drops of contact solution to the tube for a quick revival.

Achieve Even Lipstick Application with a DIY Lip Scrub

Not only does exfoliation soften your lips, it also creates an ideal canvas for lipstick. Mix 2 tbsp brown sugar with 1 tbsp honey for an affordable DIY lip scrub you’ll use again and again.

Get Scalloped Eyeliner with a DIY Stencil

Need a break from boring eyeliner? Switch it up with a scalloped stencil. Draw repeating hearts on cardstock (scrapbooking paper) and cut it out for a nifty eyeliner stencil that’s sure to amaze. Extra points for a bright eyeliner pairing!

Hack a Fan Brush with a Bobby Pin

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In need of a fan brush? Hack one of your fluffy brushes with bobby pins to DIY on the fly. Use additional bobby pins if its a particularly large brush. You can remove the pins after or keep them attached for a permanent DIY fan brush.

Add Highlights to Showcase Your Best Features

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Highlights add dimension and literally makes your face glow. Peep this graphic for the best places to add highlights.

Repair Broken Powder Makeup with Rubbing Alcohol

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To restore broken powder, break it down into fine pieces with a clean metal spoon. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Smooth the surface and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Before it completely dries, cover with tissue paper and use a quarter or the lid of your alcohol bottle to press the powder. Once fully dried, you’ll have a brand new compact powder!


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