How to easy scarf in your hair

Take a look at these 20 hacks for tying a scarf in your hair, and you might be tempted to throw away all your boring hair elastics:

1. Woven Braid Knot

Briad with headband or scarf.

If you’re worried about your scarf slipping out of your hair, braid it into your mane, and it will stay in place, not matter how windy it is.

2. Bow Kerchief 

Retro Kerchief

I want to cut bangs into my hair just so I can accurately recreate this retro look.

3. Concealed Scarf

Concealed Scarf

You probably want to show off your pretty patterned scarf, but this is a great hairstyle to try out when you’re bored of pulling your hair back into a topknot.

4. Wide Hair Band

Thick Hairband

This is very Brigitte Bardot. For a proper 1960s look, pair with cat eye liner and a pale pink lip.

5. Updo Ideas

Updo Ideas

There are so many options, whether you want to braid a scarf in an Elsa-like braid, or decorate your bun with a pretty bow.

6. Braided Updo

Braided Updo

This looks complicated before you factor in the scarf, but the tutorial shows that it actually isn’t that hard to recreate.

7. Easy Turban

Easy Turban

I’m going to bookmark this page for winter, so I can try this on the days when I don’t feel like wearing a hat, but I want to keep my ears warm.

8. Bun Tie

Scarf Bun

Do you have trouble getting your ballet bun perfect? Just cover your bumps with a scarf and everyone will think that your hair looks fabulous.

9. Kerchief 


If you’re going to go full-on vintage, tie your scarf into a kerchief, then apply a bit of red lipstick.

10. Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun

If you think that there are a lot of ways to tie a scarf into your hair, there are almost as many variations on how to braid one into your hair too.

Click the next page to see more ways you can wear a scarf in your hair including a knotted headband and 20 different ways to tie one scarf.

11. Knotted Headband 

Knotted Scarf Hairband

Who would have thought that an oversized knot would look as good as a rosette?

12. Head Wrap 

Head Wrap

These hacks are the perfect combination of boho and practicality, which makes them great for summer musical festivals.

13. Turban

Scarf Turban

If you don’t like sun hats, why not try this turban? It’s not like you have to go to the store and buy something new.

14. Hair Wrap

Hair Wrap

Forget about dry shampoo. When my hair gets greasy, I’m just going to cover it up like this, and forget about it.

15. Flower Hairband

Double Bow Hairband

How cute is this idea? A double knot turns into a very pretty flower, without a stitch of sewing.

16. Side Pony

Side Pony Scarf

You can fold up a scarf to get this shape, or if you’re sneaky, you can also use one of your boyfriend’s ties–just don’t wear it around him.

17. Top Knot Head Wrap

Top Knot head Wrap

What a clever way to incorporate your topknot into your turban. It gives the perfect amount of volume on top.

18. Twisted Headband

Twisted Head Band

This looks way more complicated than it actually is, making it the ultimate hack in my books.

19. Headscarf Ideas

Headscarf ideas

This is proof that you only need one scarf to transform it into numerous different things. If you have to buy one, make it a bright, printed one, like this.

20. Bow Bouffant

Bow Bouffant

I think this would make the perfect wedding hairstyle, for the retro bride.


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