5 Free Primitive Labels For You To Print!

5 Free Primitive Labels For You To Print!

Hi everyone! Here are a 5 free primitive labels I made, and I thought I’d pass them along! I usually print my labels onto brown paper bags; they come out nicely,~ Enjoy the day!

UPDATE:  How to affix your labels.

Once I print the labels out onto brown paper bags, and cut them out, I apply them with a glue stick. The roll up white stick kind. It will adhere well to glass. I put a lot of glue, and the cheaper, thicker glue works best. No need to buy the good kind. It stays on for me even in the heat and humidity of summer, of the kitchen also, and have not come off. I personally use Studio brand from the Dollarama. What’s awesome is when you want to change the labels, just dunk the jar or crock into the sink with warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes, and they will eventually float off; just wash the jar and put a new label!

Have fun!


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