So you’ve seen how to create the

And here’s the final AFTER photo.

First, I positioned the bed at the highest possible point. This provided TONS of storage space underneath (which is crucial) that I very easily hid with a bedskirt I made from burlap. I hung the skirt with velcro. I also placed a flokati rug by the bed to add some fun texture that would feel soft underfoot.

Because space is so limited in a dorm room, it’s a great idea to decorate with both form and function in mind. By covering some cork in fabric, I was able to hang beautiful jewelry above the desk/vanity area. It not only looks great, but it is super functional. No tangled necklaces to deal with here! Given more time I would have framed this piece out with some wood. The mirror you see was found at a local flea market for $10!!! By spray painting it a high gloss white I freshened it up and it fits right in.

When decorating a dorm room, you can think of your design two ways.
1. This is temporary, so I am not going to spend much money -OR-
2. I will spend a little more money on things that can “graduate with me” and look at them as investments.
I like to do a little of both. This lamp below is from Pier 1. . . and it was $125. Yeah, I bought this because it was just perfect for the room, but you could totally find a flea market lamp and create something similar for next to nothing. That’s what I would have done given more time. But that lamp is beautiful, isn’t it?!!

Another piece I consider an investment was the desk/vanity chair. It was a craigslist find for $60. And I could see it having a place in any home I ever own. It’s lines are LOVELY!
A few well placed and gorgeous accessories are all you need when decorating such a small space. Take this flower filled pillow (also from Pier 1) for example. This guy was $30 but could also be very easily D-I-Yed, don’t you think!

As far as bedding, I recommend getting a down comforter that you can keep for years to come. And choose a king size instead of a twin (since they are often the same price) because you won’t always be sleeping in a tiny twin!
So, let’s tally up all this lusciousness!

  1. HEADBOARD- $15
  2. FLUFFY LIGHT- $17
  5. NECKLACE DISPLAY- FREE FOR ME, but about $20 to buy
  6. FLOKATI RUG- $20 (from Wal-Mart)
  7. BED SKIRT- $3
  9. PILLOWS- $40
  10. BEDDING- $30


Not bad to create your home away from home! Especially if you have to start completely from scratch!


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