coffee bean tote bag

One of the many things that my husband and I share together is a need to have good coffee and we are lucky enough to have a great friend who points us in the right direction every time. dave is the proud owner of the best cafe in Toowoomba star garden town cafe, who just so happens to serve some of the best coffee in town. as well as running his busy little cafe he also spends a lot of his time roasting coffee beans from all over the world to perfection for chipironi mountain coffee. so we have many visits to try the latest blend or single-origin coffee, and it never disappoints.
with all the roasting going on, with beans coming in from all over the world, dave sometimes has a bit of an excess of hessian coffee bean sacks. I don’t know what it is about them but I love the colors, the writing, and all the pictures and logos on these sacks, so I thought I could put them to better use, and I’m not talking about sack races. so our generous friend gave me a pile of these bags to play with.

And so I decided to make them into tote bags. making use of the already unique designs on the sacks I just cut out the best bits and finished them off with some herringbone tape.

I love the finished product, and I love even more that everyone I make will be completely unique. thanks dave.

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