Victorian Boot Ornie

Victorian Boot Ornie

Today’s Craft: Make Victorian boot ornies!  Here is my free pattern! Click to enlarge before saving.
I used acrylic paints to paint them, and very small, shiny black beads for the buttons. Make a tree full of boots, each pair a different color, or display them in a bowl!  I have also included a pattern for a star ornie. **Make sure that you clip the seam allowance in each corner,(Indent) and snip off the seam allowance at each tip.

For the boot, make sure that you snip into the seam allowance in all the curves. (The ankle curve, the heel curve, and most importantly, the under the foot curve. ) Turn the ornies right side out, and press them before stuffing, and you will land up with nice, sharp edges.
If you make these ornies, please credit me as the designer, thanks.( the boot, not necessary for the star.)

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Victorian Boot Ornie



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