Quick Primitive Craft

Today’s Quick Primitive Craft

I have seen pantry cloth stacks at The American Heritage Shop For $$$$$.
(But who cares right? That shop ROCKS lol, ♥)

Make a sinkside gathering for yourself (or to sell) at a fraction of the cost.
I used paint rags made of loose osnaburg- found at Walmart, in the painting supply section~
I grunged them heavily with walnut ink, and then made a handmade grungy tag~
THE SOAP: save big bucks by buying olive soap, I got mine at the dollarstore, and it fades to a lovely color.  I banged the soap up a bit…
I wrapped the stack in my new favorite thing:….


Rust colored hemp twine!!!!

My new favorite thing! It is the exact color of rust, and is a terrific option instead of rusty wire, when you need the flexibility.
I found this at Walmart, in the craft section, where they have all the stuff for jewelry making,…beads..etc.
This stuff mimics rusty wire, but can be used for tags and so many other things.


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