Wedding Ceiling Decor

Wedding ceiling decor can be one of the biggest headaches for a do-it-yourself bride. Depending upon the venue locations, many brides would like for ugly ceilings or walls to be covered up.

There are professional event decorators that do just that . . .but it can certainly take a big bite out of your wedding budget. You may want to consider a Ceiling Decorating Kit.

These can be “all inclusive” (everything you need to put up the decorations) or simply the hardware if you plan to supply your own draping fabric.

These ceiling decorations are aimed at making the work as manageable as possible. It’s important to assemble your kit BEFORE you arrange your tables, centerpieces, etc. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the job. Check with your venue to see if there are any restrictions on what you can and cannot do.

Ceiling kits are actually designed that one person can put them up by themselves. As with any do-it-yourself project, however, I generally recommend that you line up a lot of help. Think out ahead of time what tools you may need, including ladders, step stools, extension cords, lights, pliers, and more.

It really is amazing how a simple ceiling drape can dramatically change the look of a hall.

Always prep for your work in advance. That means checking to be sure all the white lights are working, asking if you can be let into the venue a day early (or to drop off supplies) and being sure that all your volunteers know exactly what they are expected to do.

This is how professionals operate. They aren’t sending people out to hardware stores at the last minute because they forgot to buy zip ties. If you decorate for your wedding, put some thought and planning into it and be prepared!

Give yourself reasonable goals and expect to meet up with some problems. Try to go overboard and you will end up stressing yourself out and not able to enjoy your special day!

These types of kits used to be available to professionals only. But times are changing and now even a “small budget” bride can enjoy stunning decor at a reasonable price.

Whenever I decorated a hall, I generally had a plan of action. I typed out lists, including table setups, separated the supplies needed and who I expected to do what.

That way the time you spend at the hall can be used wisely, instead of fumbling through trying to read the directions or deciding in which box you stored the candles.

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