10 Houseplants That Can Survive Darkest Corner of Your House

I love to have greenery in my workplace, who doesn’t? But, lack of sunlight makes these plants look dull and eventually they die.

Instead, it’s better not to have them. Fortunately, there are few amazing plants that can grow in darkest corner of your office or room. Even in low light they entice your working or living space.

Note: Beauty in this plant collection is in its leaves and not in flowers.

#1 Dumb Canes

Also known as dieffenbachia, this plant must be placed behind a curtain. Diffused light works great for this plant to beautify your space.

#2 Calatheas

Calatheas (@adiaryofplants)
This looks amazing in your room with low light, but with direct sunlight this does poor appearance. With patterned leaves calathea is excellent for decorating your work space.

#3 Aglaonema

Aglaonema "Prestige" | Claessen Orchids

Renowned as lucking bringing ornamental herb, this wide-leafed plant is prefect for  your space with its silver and green combination.

#4 Dragon Tree

Amazon.com : Madagascar Dragon Tree - Dracaena marginata - 4" Pot ...
With stiff leaves this tree is attractive with colorful foliage. It needs low sunlight, however when the leaves turn dry water it regularly.

#5 Spider Plants

Amazon.com : AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Spider Plant Easy Care Live ...

Easiest to grow and most adaptable plant, this spider-like plant grow wide.

#6 Bromeliads

This tropical plant can survive in florescent light and you can place it in humid conditions.

#7 Peace Lily

With little water and low sunlight this house plant is perfect to beautify your space.

#8 Chinese Evergreen

Going Greens Air purfiying Chinese Evergreen Plant/ Aglaonema

If you’re just starting your gardening idea, then this is best fit for you. It requires low sunlight and water, but is one of the most durable indoor plants.

#9 Snake Plant

As the name suggests this house plant grows straight without occupying much space. Though it requires sunlight to grow, it can tolerate darkness.

#10 Ferns

Though they survive in dark areas, these plants require frequent spraying on leaves in summer season.


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