How do you organize shoes in a small space

In general, we will put a shoe cabinet at the door to facilitate family members to enter and exit the door to change shoes or place something at hand.

However, when designing some units, the problem of shoe cabinets is not taken into consideration. As a result, some conventional shoe cabinets have no place to put. They have to find someone else to design and find someone to customize the shoe cabinets.

Today, the day market introduces you to several new ideas for putting shoes, saving money and practical, very suitable for use in small apartments or rental houses.

Parts assembled shoe cabinet

Part-assembled shoe cabinets are somewhat similar to the modular design. Instead of using the entire shoe cabinet directly, instead of using a small storage box, they are reasonably assembled into what you want.

IKEA’s THRONES shoe cabinet has its essence, and it can do everything together. It is also very capable to take out a single one.

Although it occupies less space, one of its functions is not leaky. It can not only put shoes but also have a countertop for traditional shoe cabinets. It is also smaller and more convenient to use than traditional shoe cabinets.

The combination method is created by you, you can freely choose it, or you can adjust it flexibly according to the actual situation of the apartment type, and choose the appropriate combination method.

Hanging shoe rack

Hanging shoe racks are lighter than floor-standing shoe racks and can also be combined in any combination.

As for opening up, it may be easier to fall into dust, but at a glance, you can see clearly and it is convenient to pick and place. The overall matching effect of the shoe rack depends on the face value of the shoe.

Combine the hanging shoe rack with the shoe cabinet above, partly open, partly covered, mixed and matched, more in line with daily life habits.

Simple shoe putting device

Very simple shoe placement device, one shelf can meet your shoe placement needs. Although it is not very beautiful, but it is good to put shoes on.

There is a similar way to the shelf, but instead of lying flat, it stands upright and takes up less space.

Although the appearance is not as good as the two aesthetics described above, the occupied area is the smallest, suitable for small spaces.

Creative shoe rack

A very creative way to store shoes, although it may not be suitable for home use, I personally like it very much.

Each one is a separate foldable shelf , put it down when needed, and fold it back when not in use. The number and position are set by yourself, and the playability is full.

Why is this not suitable for daily use?

Customizing a wall folding rack is expensive and takes up a lot of space. There is rarely such a big wall at the entrance of the room. Such a shoe rack is said to be used for putting shoes, rather than for displaying shoes.

Compared with traditional shoe cabinets, these freely combinable shoe cabinets are significantly more creative.

The installation is also very convenient, and a simple look can also create a beautiful picture effect. Friends who have no idea can consider it.


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