Browsing through Pinterest one day, I saw this fab picture of Beth from Seersucker and Saddles:

I loved the whole look, but was particularly smitten with the scarf (ok, apparently it’s a shawl). I loved the “shawl” and knew I could copy it.

If you look closely, the trim is unapologetically sewn right on the edge. Totally do-able. So I stalked over to Pomegranate where she said she got it last year. I made some notes of the scarf sizes (27″ by 80″) and Pomegranate’s fresh new styles.

The chambray one is not available this year, but I noticed this sassy coral/white tassel version and tucked this idea away. Good thing, it came in handy later.

Armed with the chambray shawl inspiration, dimensions, and some coupons, I headed to Joann’s. I’ll be honest here, there are much cooler places to buy fabric. But when I buy fabric at fancy stores, my projects don’t end up saving any money, which of course violates the first rule of my Do-It-Herself Manifesto. If you’re extremely choosy and a little lucky, you can make something with fabric you bought at Joann’s that doesn’t look like most of what you see at Joann’s.

Alas, they were out of white pom pom trim. But they did have coral, so remembering the sassy coral and white Pomegranate tassel shawl, I bought coral pom pom trim and lightweight white linen fabric. My project will be a combo of the two ideas.

1. Gather your fabric and trim. Wash and dry the fabric and trim before getting started. You knew that, right? For a finished size of 27″ by 80″, you’ll need 2 1/2 yards of fabric and 6 1/3 yards of trim.

2. Cut scarf fabric to 29″ by 82″.

3. Turn edges 1/2″ and pin. Press. (Sorry, I hate to iron, too, but you have to when you sew.) Do this for all 4 sides.

4. Turn all 4 edges 1/2″ again. So the raw edge is tucked away in the fold. Pin and press.

5. Now pin your fancy trim right over that double folded edge. With the fancy pom pom trim part hanging over the edge.

6. Just turn the trim around the corners. No big deal.

7. Where the trim cut ends meet, tuck the raw edges under. Easy peasy.

8. Now sew! I used a coral matching thread through the needle and white thread in the bobbin so that no stitches stand out. I stitched along both sides of the trim.

What a fun accessory to elevate shorts and tanks, boyfriend jeans and tees, summer dresses, what else? Lots of options!

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