Arrowhead Stitch

The Arrowhead Stitch is a highly-textured stitch using triangle-shaped areas that can be worked as a filling, or in bands and rows. There are several variations of the stitch – I’ve shown three of them below.

Standard Arrowhead Stitch

This stitch features a diagonal stitch that is made using a combination of large diagonal stitches in an arrowhead shape, which is then filled in with tent stitches.

Horizontal Arrowhead Stitch

This version of the stitch is built in vertical rows. You can use multiple colors when working this stitch for a striped effect.

Eggs in a Basket

This a version of a standard Arrowhead stitch features the tent stitches in one half of the stitch worked in a different color than the other half of the stitch. When worked in bright spring colors with a light tan, it definitely resembles an Easter basket.



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