Awesome Kitty Cat party

We had planned the best party for our daughter who was celebrating her fourth birthday. We therefore had to make it the best birthday party we possibly could. We thereby planned to start preparations for this day quite early since we wanted to ensure that this party was a total success. We also wanted to ensure that we set a very good show for all her friends and to make this one of the most redeemable days till the next year turned. We decided to settle for the kitty cat theme since this seemed to be her favorite animal.

Birthday invitations

Since we had come up with the most appropriate theme for the party, it was now time to ensure that we handed the invitations to all our friends and their kids in good time. This was also to ensure that all our relatives who lived out of town could promptly get them in time. We got some help in the designing process where the theme was fully integrated. There was them the need to work on the production of the cards and we were able to pull this off in moderate time and the cards all posted in time as well. They had a full show of the theme we had decided to run with for the entire party. This turned out to be one of the most unique kid’s party ideas we came up with.


By now, things were getting much easier since we had decided to ensure that these guests could clearly see the theme in every aspect of the party. There was therefore the need to integrate this fully in the decorations. We therefore had to get a few cat dolls as part of our decorations. These were well placed in the entire venue of the party. The entrance to this venue had some very big cat stuffed dolls as well. This was all done with very minimal cost implications and this was really one of the cute party ideas for kids.

Food and drinks

As for what to offer all our guests as food and also refreshments, I decided to come up with a variety of dishes aimed at showing a different side of party hosting. There was however the great need to ensure that all these guests were satisfied. I decided to come up with some homemade ice cream which turned out to be a favorite of both the kids as well their parents.

Games and activities

We came up with some very great games for all kids attending the party. These were all aimed at ensuring that the kids had a lot of fun as their parents mingled and relaxed in the TV room. This turned out to be a very huge success and all these kids had the time of their lives.

Party favors

We decided to give all our guests a slice of the birthday cake. The cake had the cat theme as well. They also got a thank you card for attending our party. Parents should therefore exploit such birthday themes for kids.

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