Chain Stitch and Looped Stitches

Chain Stitch and Looped Stitches, are fun, interesting to work. They are often highly textured stitches, created using loops of connected threads. These stitches often resemble cables or chains, and this is where they get their name.

Individual stitch segments, called detached stitches, can be used to make a variety of variations. These include the popular lazy daisy or the more unusual tete de boeuf (bull’s head) or tulip stitch. These stitches can be used as scatter stitches or fillers, or used to create an individual element in a design. This might include a flower, a bud, leaves along a stem, or even raindrops.

These individual stitches can also be worked along a line or outline to make a textured outline.

When working any type of looped stitch, keep a loose tension so that you keep your loops full and open – pulling tightly destroys the nice loop you’re striving to achieve – a tight tension results in skinny loops, ruining the effect.

As an example, I’ve used the standard stitch, a detached version, and zigzag chain in the Embroidered Easter Egg freebie!


Basic Chain Stitch

Square Chain Stitch

Cable Chain

Feathered Chain Stitch

Knotted Chain Stitch

Pendant Chain

Twisted Chain Stitch

Zigzag Chain Stitch

Whipped Chain Stitch

Detached Chain

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Tulip Stitch

Tete de Bouef


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