Aloe vera face mask for beautiful skin

From over hundreds of years people using Aloe Vera as a multi purpose herbal medicinal plant. Now a days Aloe vera extracts are widely used in the cosmetics and food supplements. In this article I will try to explore some best aloe vera juice available on the market.


Aloe Vera , a magical plant, also called: stick of the sky, a gift of Venus, a plant of immortality, silent healer or potted doctor. It is a prickly succulent plant belonging to the lily family. The leaves contain two fluids which are used in natural health products – a bitter yellow juice in the skin, and a clear gel inside the leaf.


With over 400 species of the Aloe plant, Aloe Vera is the most beneficial, containing amino acids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, salicylic acid, lignins, sugars, anthraquinones, saponins, and enzymes. Aloe vera has been used for centuries for constipation, hypertension, worm infestation, colic, skin diseases, and infections.

You can find it in different forms, like moisturizers, powder, gel, cream, and juice. Aloe Vera juices are made with the whole leaf or wit the inner fillet of the leaf which is called Aloe gel. Finished aloe vera juice is made from this aloe, plus other natural ingredients. Most companies recommend an ounce or two daily for the best results, which includes aiding in digestion, reducing swelling, and easing heartburn.

Because aloe vera juice is totally natural, you can get relief from your pain or discomfort without the nasty side effects of prescription drugs. Overall, Aloe Vera juice can really improve your health. It can help heal wounds faster, make your skin look better, and renew your immune system.


There are plenty of great reasons to drink this juice, including improving your digestive health. It actually balances stomach acids, allowing for more nutrients to be absorbed and keeping up a healthy pH in the intestines. Aloe naturally supports insulin levels, can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and can ease joint and muscle pains.

Aloe also contains bradykinase, which is an enzyme that helps rid your body of harmful toxins, thus enhancing your immune system . This is even more pronounced with carrisyn, another substance in Aloe that increases white cell production. In a clinical study, there was a 16% increase in white blood cells in the test group. The more white blood cells you have, the less likely you are to get a disease.


When searching for Aloe Vera Juice, there are many different companies, brands, and prices to look through. To get the best kind you can get, though, you have to look at more than just the price tag. Here are three things I recommend checking out before buying any Aloe Vera Juice:

1. International Aloe Science Council (IASC)

First, look for the seal of approval from the International Aloe Science Council. This seal tells you that the company making the product uses honest labeling, the aloe quality in the product meets IASC standards, and that the Aloe comes from a reputable source. If a product has this seal, there will be a noticeable logo on it, so it’ll be easy to know what’s good.

2. Aloin Content

When taken at high doses for long periods of time, this substance can be harmful to the body, so you have to make sure whatever product you buy has very low levels of it. Aloin is one part that acts as a laxative in aloe vera, and it comes from the inner parts of the leaf. The raw Aloe vera plant has about one percent aloin, which is too high to ingest daily Producers must filter out most of it before creating their aloe vera juice. The product shouldn’t exceed 50 ppm, or parts per million.

3. Polysaccharide

Another thing to check out is the Polysaccharide content in the juice. It should be within 1500 to 3000 mg per liter. Polysaccharides are basically sugar molecules, and they contain many of the health benefits that you get from aloe vera. One of these polysaccharides is acemannan, which is the most common in Aloe.


If you think this is just another product claiming things that it won’t actually provide, think again. Researchers have been investigating aloe for years now, and the results are shocking. You have to see it for yourself to believe it, though, so whether you choose to try Lily of the Desert, Pharm-Aloe, Herbalife, AloeCure, George’s, or Forever Living, you’re doing the right thing for your health.

This could be your first steps toward a more healthy, more fulfilling lifestyle, so if that’s what you want, I’d recommend buying bigger quantities so that you don’t run out. Go natural, and give aloe vera juice a try. It can’t hurt, so whether you’re having digestion issues or you want to try to get your blood sugar down, this is the best way to get what you’re looking for. Seriously, this juice is worth paying for, and it will change your life.


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