Crochet hook roll tutorial…


  1. 3 fat quarters of fabric of your choice
  2. Pins
  3. Scissors
  4. Dressmakers chalk or invisible pen
  5. Sewing machine
  6. Cotton, colours of your choice
  7. Iron


  1. Rotary Cutter
  2. Quilting Ruler
  3. Quilting Mat

Start by ironing your material and choosing which will be the back, inside and pocket fabric.

I chose the bird print for the back, the brown print for the inside and the cream print for the pocket.

Cut back and inside pieces to 19 inches wide and 13 inches high – I used my quilting mat, ruler and cutter for this.
Cut Pocket to size 6 x 19 inches.
Cut ties to size 1.5 x 20 inches.

You should have 1 back, 1 inside, 1 pocket and 2 ties cut out.

Fold fabric for the ties in half, right sides facing and iron in place. Pin raw edges together and sew along raw edges on the long side and one short side, leaving one short side open for turning. Repeat on other tie.

Using a chopstick or similar turn ties out the right way, iron flat and sew closely along the seam on the right side to finish.

Fold top of fabric for pocket over 1/4 inch and iron, fold another 1/4 inch, iron and stitch close to edge to make hem.

Pin pocket wrong side down to right side of inside fabric, corners meeting at bottom.

Pin both ties to the right side front fabric 4 inches from the bottom.

Sandwich all pieces and pin together so that the back fabric, the ties and the pocket all lay right side down onto the inside’s right side fabric.

Using pins, mark an opening on the opposite side of the fabric from the ties about 2 inches wide. Sew around the entire piece, leaving this two inches open.

Clip corners and turn piece right side out through the 2 inch gap left.

Use chopstick to push out corners.

Once right side out, iron piece so that the seam allowance of the two inch gap is tucked inside the piece.

Stitching close to the edge of the work, sew around the entire roll, thus closing the gap and finishing off the rolls edge.

Using dressmakers chalk or an invisible pen that will wash out in water, mark out the stitching that will hold the hooks in the pocket.

I left a 4 inch gap between the ties and the first row of stitching so that there is room for scissors, stitch markers etc. and spaced the rest of the stitching an inch apart.

Sew along the marked lines and trim loose threads.

Fill with crochet hooks and goodies, roll up it up and you are done.

And there you have it. I would love to see photos of any that you make.

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Crochet hook roll tutorial…



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