These take only one afternoon to make and are lovely all year gifts but especially for people who just moved into a new home. They are also cheap and useful.

Difficulty Level



50g 100% Cotton Yarn
1 pair 5mm needles
1 5mm hook

*click on pictures for a larger view*


doesn’t really matter. Just try to make a piece without any holes


CO 50st with two strands of yarn
Row 1-6: work in seed stitch
Row 7-30: work 5 st in seed stitch, knit 20, purl 20, work 5 st in seed st
Row 31-54: work 5 st in seed stitch, purl 20, knit 20, work 5 st in seed st
Row 55-59: work in seed st
BO don’t cut the yarn yet



In the last loop insert your crochet hook. Make a chain of 10 chains. Insert the hook into the corner st and make a slip stitch. Slip stitch all around the edge of the potholder. In the corners work 3 slip stitches. Whenn you arrive the chain also work slip stiches into the chain until it is covered with slip stiches. Break yarn and sew in ends.


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