Hearts Stitched Together – Handmade for Valentine Day

I realize we’ve been talking a lot about children’s Valentines lately so for today’s project, I stitched up this card with you in mind. To begin, you’ll need make the card pattern. You’ll also need to gather a needle, embroidery floss (in the color of your choice) and scissors.

There are two cards on each page so you will want to start by cutting your paper in half.

Using your needle, poke holes through the card on each of the light gray dots.

Stitch the paper as you would if you were using aida cloth. To make your stitches look more uniform half-stitch an entire row, then go back and finish each stitch. I generally stitch bottom left to upper right and then finish the “X” going from bottom right to upper left. (see images below for examples)

When you’ve finished your stitching use a bone folder to get a nice crisp fold in your card.

These cards are very quick to make and would be a sweet little gesture for those you love. They are also a nice project for crafty inclined children.
Happy February, friends!

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Hearts Stitched Together – Handmade for Valentine Day



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