How to make a balcony table: ideas and tutorial to master this custom DIY

We are used to thinking of a boat when it comes to the balcony: the furniture is compact, foldable, or stackable, depending on the area. Orientation matters too, so fitting out a small balcony can be a difficult task. The more time you spend on the patio, the more you cajole the idea of ​​making a balcony table: less embarrassing and more practical. If your DIY spirit is awakened with the arrival of sunny days, try the experience below.

Making a balcony table: a perfect solution for your evenings outside

make a balcony table perfect solution for outdoor parties


First, the provision must be clarified. You will surely not have hesitations if you decide for what reason to make a balcony table. In particular, to put your snacks there only or to sit two and three around. Also, consider the vegetation that decorates your balcony and how your DIY table will sit there.

In our article, you will find the instructions on how to DIY a triangular table, which is very convenient because it occupies only one of the balcony angles and does not prevent traffic. It will even fit on the smallest balcony to compliment the modest furnishings and to serve you during snack times.

How to get the most out of a small balcony table?

how to make a balcony table how to get the most out of it

If you are lucky enough to enjoy outdoor space, we assume drinking coffee or a glass of wine after dinner outdoors is one of your favorite summer activities. But if you’re stuck at a small balcony or even just a simple fire escape, how do you make the most of it? The experience you have mastered with the DIY Strawberry Pyramid has encouraged you to make a balcony table. Which of the two projects is simpler and easier you will have the opportunity to try.

Here are some space-saving solutions for making pallet balcony tables that prove that a balcony is made to be enjoyed no matter what size.
how to make a balcony bar table pallet folding hanging table

Pallet bar: If you don’t have a lot of floor space, consider mounting your bar on the balcony wall. This way, you will save as much space as possible.

Foldable Table: This smart DIY table attaches to the exterior of your home and folds flat when not in use. In addition, you can customize it to suit the decor of your balcony.

DIY Pallet Buffet Table: It’s easy to make a super-thin balcony table to take up much space.

Hanging table: Hanging directly over your balcony or emergency railing. Best of all, it can be moved around so you can sit or avoid the sun according to your preference.

Coffee table: A small coffee table is perfect for a narrow balcony. There is just enough space for the table and chairs, and you can add additional stools.

DIY tutorial for a table to hang on the balcony

make a balcony table diy table hang balcony


A DIY balcony table is good when custom-made, just like the wall cabinet and drop-down table from an old project. Its dimensions are 90 x 66 x 66 cm, and its height of about 30 cm forms an equilateral triangle. However, if you want to build a larger or smaller balcony table, you can adjust the measurements.
make a balcony table large small adjust measurements

  1. First, measure the corner of the balcony and mark the different lengths on board.
  2. Second, saw the board into pieces of 90cm, 80cm, 60cm, 40cm, 20cm and 10cm.
  3. Third, place the sawn pieces side by side to form an equilateral triangle. Take a final measurement and saw off the excess parts if necessary.

When sawing, for more stability and safety, you will need an assistant. The goal is to make sure the board doesn’t slip. If you have a jigsaw with an electric swing, you can use it for this project – the board is thin enough that you can cut it easily. Place the saw on the edge of the board and gently pull it away from you, applying light pressure. You and your assistant must wear safety gloves at all times. Now is the time to mention the necessary tools for DIY: a jigsaw, a BIM jigsaw blade, T 308 BF, a tape measure, a triangle, G-clamps, a spruce strip (30 cm x 44 mm x 22 mm / length, width, and height).

Build a support structure 

build a balcony table build a support structure


You need to build a support structure to secure the boards together. It consists of two slats parallel to the outer edges of the table. To do this, rearrange the planks into a triangle and position them on one of the two equal-length sides of the triangle. Make sure the batten is not flush with the edge of the board. Instead, it should be positioned a bit inside the triangle. Now mark the position and angle of the start and end of the triangle on the batten. Then saw off the slat using a jigsaw. Now repeat the same steps for the other side.

The result should be smooth and well sanded. 

make table for small balcony result smooth sanded

To avoid splinters, you must carefully sand the edges of all your sawn pieces. For perfect results, use the Multi Sander to sand evenly without applying pressure, always moving in one direction like when filing a nail. We recommend that you wear eye protection to prevent sawdust from damaging your eyes.

How to screw the boards of the future table with the supporting structure? 

make table for small balcony screw planks supporting structure

Get a cordless screwdriver, 22 wood screws, wood varnish at the start. Once you have sawed and sanded the table triangle and the support structure slats, you can begin to assemble your DIY table.

First, arrange the sawn boards to form a triangle as you did before. Then screw the slats to the sides of the triangle using 11 evenly spaced wood screws. In total, you should use 22 screws per table surface. To avoid tearing the wood, you can pre-drill the screw holes, then twist the screws into place.

If you want to build a single-level balcony table, you have now finished building the table surface. If you want a two-tier table, you’ll have to repeat the steps for the lower part.

The table must withstand the elements.

To protect your DIY balcony table from wind and rain, you can apply weatherproof wood varnish. Make sure you cover the floor of your workspace, or you risk staining it. Follow the directions on the package and let the polished table dry.

It is necessary to make the hanging of the table safe and solid 

make a balcony table make hanging table safe solid

You will need three pipes to hang your balcony table, a jigsaw, and an HSS, T 318 A jigsaw blade.

While the weatherproof varnish is drying (according to the manufacturer’s instructions), you can prepare the suspension system for your table. Saw a pipe into three lengths of 30 cm. Be sure to tighten the pipe securely before you start sawing! The three lengths of pipe will later help separate the two levels of the table.
make table for small balcony separate two levels

For this last step, get a cordless screwdriver, a string, adjustment rings. Anyone can build their own balcony table. But hanging up requires skills. Drill a hole in each corner of the two tables, making three holes per table. The holes should be the same diameter as your rope. Then cut the rope into three equal lengths. They should at least be long enough to pass through the pipes. Thread the rope through one of the holes in the upper table, then through one of the pipe lengths, and finally through the corresponding hole in the lower table. Next, tie a knot in the rope above the upper table and under the lower table to secure the two table boards together. Finally,

Proposal for folding balcony table

Make a pallet balcony table folding balcony table

The garage sale that you started as the longer days approached brought out of oblivion a few unused shelves, which are the excellent device for a small foldable table to hang on the balcony. So two shelves, hooks, hinges, screws, screwdriver, hammer, and colorless varnish will make up the set of DIY tools.
Making a small balcony table DIY tools set

  • Disassemble one of the shelves while the other will serve as a tabletop.
  • Attach hooks to the ends of the slats of the “stripped” shelf – your table will hang on them.

make a small balcony table dismantle shelves fix hooks

  • Pair the slats with a piece of wood – this will be a “skeleton.”
  • Measure the height to which the tray will be attached.
  • Screw the hinges onto the edge slats of the tabletop.

make table for small balcony make stable fix support bar

The other part is screwed onto the previously prepared and measured skeleton. The ties are attached to the back slat of the skeleton in the middle so that the support bar has something to rest on.

It is necessary to fix the top from the bottom with slats so that it is more stable and does not deform. Also, attach a support bar to the middle plank. We cut it to the right length – so that the unfolded table keeps the right angle.

When folded, the table adheres to the balustrades. In winter, it can be easily hidden behind a cabinet.
make a small balcony table disassemble easily conceal



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