DIY Candles Gift for Mother’s Day

I always loved giving Kindles or receiving candles for any occasion, so I thought it would be fun to kind of make a little candle with a twist and something fun that we could do at home.

I found these two little metal storage containers from Dollar Tree. they were in a 2-pack for a dollar so these will be really inexpensive and I wanted to put pour some candle wax in here and kind of make my own candle.

I wanted to add something special to make these a little bit more fun than a boring white candle.

I ended up adding some secret little messages in the bottom so that after you burn your candle down or after it burns for a while and all the wax gets hot and turns clear that you would be able to see a sweet little message in the bottom

You can see to get the perfect little white circles, I just traced the lid the smaller part of the lid and then cut these out of white cardstock and then I have these tiny little stamps from target dollar spot I got at around Valentine’s Day and I just stamped some cute little messages and obviously you want to leave the Center blank because that’s where the wick is gonna stand up so you won’t be able to see that part I wish I would have glued these down with something other than hot glue because it didn’t get close enough to the tin so some of the wax did want to go underneath and bubble up my paper so I do recommend using like a school glue or something more of like a liquid glue that would hold it down nice and tight

and then I did Mod Podge over these because I was scared the warm wax would make the message smear so I just kind of wanted to make it seal over

I also thought it would be really fun to write a little handwritten message to see how that turned out as well as if you have if you wanted a little kid to decorate this little paper and then you could do the candle part of it but I thought it would be fun to kind of see how this one turned out as well so I didn’t have any old candles that’s what I would recommend using but it has to be like a white candle something that whenever it burns it will be clear and not a colored candle

I don’t think you would be able to see the text through that so the first thing I’m doing is I baked these in the oven at like 250 for about 25 to 40 minutes I just kind of kept an eye on it so I didn’t know exactly the time but you can pretty much see effort it has completely melted down

and then I was able to pull the wicks out of there and wrap them around dowel rods and paintbrushes and just kind of set them in the center and let them completely set up

I think this is the fun part it completely set up so you wasn’t able to see the message so you won’t even know that they’re there but definitely tell or write a sweet little message to whoever you give these to so they don’t just throw them away but they do pay attention to the little message that you put down on the bottom I wanted these to be a little bit more dressy

I went ahead and glued some really cute pink Dollar Tree gingham ribbon around the edges now you definitely could skip this part but I thought it made it really cute and then you can put the lids back on there and then I’ll show you how I stack these up and then wrap them in some cellophane to make them look like a really pretty gift

I twisted the cellophane up and then secured that with a couple pieces of clear tape and then I’m using some left over Valentine tool it has this beautiful glitter in it I thought this would be perfect for the occasion so I just tied this in a knot and then trim the edges down and then for a cute little tag

I just took another one of my little wooden hearts and wrote my name on there and then I just hot glue that into the center of this little bow and I think the packaging is adorable on this you definitely could use some colorful ribbons if you choose but I think it turned out really pretty

I would write in the card your special little messages so nobody throws them away or forgets about them and they make sure that they do look for the fun surprise at the end and then I want to show you what they look like and they these also work in tea light candles if you want to pop the little tea light out of the middle piece and then write a smaller message down in there can use larger ones also work as well but as some of the edges dipped struggled to burn down so they took a long time but this is what they turn out to be I think they were adorable and a perfect surprise gift


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