I want a Lit Giant Fluff Ball hanging from the ceiling

It was a really relaxed Christmas, and even though I had guests over all that time, it was very stress-free. I must say that I did not actually get to do much sewing, since my sewing setup is in the basement, and I could not bring myself down there, away from other people.

However, this did happen three days after Christmas. As my sister, my husband and I stared at the fixtureless ceiling in the family room, we had this conversation

Me: I want a Lit Giant Fluff Ball hanging from the ceiling.

Sister: Huh? (Staring at me now)

Husband: Er… sure. (He knows better than to argue with me)

Me: Yeah, a Fluff Ball.

Husband: OK, where can we get this “fluff ball”?

Me: Well, I’m going to make it out of Ikea parts and coffee filters.

Sister: Um, are you sure that is going to work?

Me: Yeah, yeah.
I walked away then, but I was sure that they were exchanging puzzled looks behind my back.
So, that whole day, I infused the house with glue gun fumes. At one point, my sister even asked me if it was wrong to like the smell of glue gun. My sister cooked, my husband played with the kids, I glued. My sister helped to fold coffee filters, my kids helped, even the neighbour’s 3 year old twins who popped over for a play date helped to separate the filters.
700 coffee filters, 6 1/2 hours of gluing, and 1/2 hour of the husband’s electrical work later, we ended up with my Giant Fluff Ball.

What do you think? Pretty, huh?

Here’s how it looks like when it’s lit.

So, if nothing else, I can say that I made a light fixture during the Christmas break, and everyone who was at the house contributed.


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