Marshmallow Snowman Straw

We drink hot chocolate by the gallons this time of year. It’s always a special treat but sprucing up our cute striped straws with a marshmallow snowman makes it even sweeter.

To make a marshmallow snowman straw you will need:
-large jet puffed marshmallows
-twizzlers pull n’ peel licorice
-bakers chocolate
-colored sprinkles
-skewers + toothpicks

Melt your bakers chocolate according to package directions. Push a straw through one marshmallow at a time until you have three stacked on top of each other. Tie a couple of twizzlers around as a scarf and trim. Dip the end of a skewer and/or toothpick into the melted bakers chocolate and create the face, mouth, and buttons. Stick an orange sprinkle on for a nose and you’re done!

Make sure you involve the kids. They will have fun making (then drinking!) with their little snowman creations. I’m sure they won’t mind eating them either.


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