Nice Mother’s Day Gift from Dollar Tree Glass Mug

I had one of these Dollar Tree glass mugs on hand, but you definitely could replace this with any plastic container as well as a mason jar, just anything that you have on hand. I like the idea of using this mug.

I like the handle because I want to make this look like a bit of a teacup planner. The first thing I decided to do is paint mine white. I definitely would recommend spray-painting this to get a smoother finish. I’m just using what I have on my hands.

I’m using chalk paint. It did take a few layers. The texture shows up bad on the glass, so that’s why I would recommend spray-painting in, but this got the job done. I just had to apply a few different coats, as you can see. I did go ahead and paint about halfway down inside of this cup to make sure that anything that was going to be exposed around the rocks of the plants. I am putting in here did have that pretty white finished look. I want to make this as lovely as possible since this is a gift, and I’m going to chop up some styrofoam block, so this is floral foam.

I tried to cut it down so it would fit further down inside the cup, and it wouldn’t stick up, and it would give me plenty of room to add my rocks on top because this is a Mother’s Day gift.

I did want to add that touch of pink into each little project, so definitely feel free to replace any of these colors with your mom’s favorite color or whoever you are making this for, but I thought that little pop of pink on the handle really made it pop out and then I wanted to make a cute little face I have made a cup like this before for like vanity. I use actual fake lashes that you put on your eyes, and it turned out adorable, so that would be another option, but today I’m just drawing these on there to make it simple.

I drew two tiny eyelashes and then a mouth, and this did not have to be perfect. I freehand it on there. I thought it instantly made it adorable, and then because this is a little mug. I have seen on Pinterest people that stick the little teabag out of there that say something cute on there, and I didn’t have a little tag.

Still, I thought it would also be adorable to make the little wooden heart hang over the side and write a little personalized message. I wanted it to be more towards the side between the handle and the little face, so I didn’t have anything to hang it off, so I just hot glued it on there, hoping that it would stay. Still, I pressed it nicely tight inside the glass to apply a lot of hot glue, so it doesn’t get pulled off, and then I wanted to make this a succulent holder.

I love the succulents at Dollar Tree has. You can even opt to put real succulents in here. I think this would be adorable, but as I say, try to use items that you have on hand or order pickup not to go in and out of stores right now, but I just cut these down to fit in there. I put two larger succulents in the back, these larger ones, and I stuck a few of small around the front, and then a couple of little succulents tried to rearrange them until I really liked it, and I did go ahead and take them back out the more miniature succulents in the front.

I could apply some little rocks to the show, and that would hide all of the foam, and then I could go back in and tuck in those more miniature succulents, but this is how adorable this little planter came together. I love the succulents sticking up tall in the back and the smaller ones in the front.

you can definitely opt to use real succulents, as I say, but I think this turned out gorgeous and would be perfect for giving to any mom this Mother’s Day


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