How to make the perfect gift for any mom in Mother’s Day

You can use any sign or backing for this project. This is just what I had on hand a real piece of wood would even work. I’m gonna go ahead and pull that extra thing that little seashell 3d piece off the front.

I get a nice flat board to use, and I wanted to leave the backplane because I want this to be really nice-looking and not have ugly writing on the back.

I’m using a couple of different pieces of scrapbook paper. I have this wonderful vintage one with a pretty font on there, and then I have a gray Buffalo check one or gingham print. I go ahead and trace the sign on the gingham, print a gray piece of scrapbooking paper the scrapbooking paper I had picked up from Hobby Lobby a while back, and then apply this to the front of this sign.

I am going to put a ton of Mod Podge because I really want this to be held down nicely, I apply it to the sign and then I apply some to the back of this paper and then I’m just smoothing this down as flat as I can get it so it doesn’t have any bubbles in it and then going to do a thicker coat on top of the paper I’ve also heard that you can I get the paper damp and that’ll help maybe keep the bubbles out but this usually it works well for me and then I’m wanting a smaller square to get a little layered effect on this so I laid my text paper upside down it’s like a kind of market and then I folded it over to get a really quick square but I don’t recommend this because I had to try to trim my square down to get it more even but just kind of measure and make sure that you get it as perfect as possible and then I’m just repeating the same thing by adding some odd punch to the back of this paper and then I’m gonna press it down and then add some more on top and then Mod Podge takes a little bit to set and dry completely so while that is drying.

I’m gonna be using one of these wooden words. I picked this up from Hobby Lobby a while back. It was less than two dollars. I’m thinking a dollar fifty maybe if it was that, it was very inexpensive. Still, if you don’t have that on hand, you definitely could use stickers or just freehand it print something out, use a cricket or silhouette or just anything to replace the letters, so you don’t have to go out like I say I’m no I’m gonna keep driving that in the ground but there’s always a replacement whenever you are creating and crafting you have to be a little bit creative.

I use the color ballet slipper in the Waverly chalk paint, which is this beautiful blush pink color. I went ahead and painted my word and made sure that I got the sides and then let that completely dry and then put it on top of my sign. I thought it would be the perfect color to put at the bottom of this sign.

I’m trying to add pink to all of these, but you definitely can opt for different colors. I think a stained effect would have also been really pretty on the mom part. If you didn’t want to make it so pink and girly and then I added a little bit of greenery at the top and some pink roses and then.

I put just a scrap piece of paper with a clothespin to kind of placeholder to know exactly where I wanted my photo holder to go. Then I could go ahead and secure down the top of greenery and the floral and see how everything’s gonna look laid out two flew on the little roses. I just cut the backs off of them so they wouldn’t stick up, and they would glue nice and securely down.

I put a lot of pink of the light, light pink color in the background and then just a couple of the darker pink roses on top just that they would pop out, but I think that is a beautiful shade of coral pink. I wanted to hang this sign-up with something besides jute string because I want it to be high-quality looking.

I drilled a couple of large holes so that I could fit some nautical rope through, and I had to put a little piece of tape on the ends to get it to go through this hole because my drill bit wasn’t large enough, and I placed the little knots in the front.

I think that makes it adorable and the perfect gift for any mom this Mother’s Day. All you got to do is pop a picture of where you and your mom or you and your kids so that she can enjoy that, but I think this is a gorgeous simple project that it’s super simple to make right in your own home.


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